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Video: “first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch”

It looks like Nintendo Switch owners will have another device to look forward to in the near future. Nintendo has teased a “new experience” for the Switch, along with a trailer that provides a first look at what it is. There was no software seen in the trailer, but Nintendo says that more information on this “new experience” will come on September 12th. For now, you can see the video for yourself down below.

17 thoughts on “Video: “first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch””

  1. What is this
    How is this
    Why is this
    Why release a trailer about a new item but not have any gameplay or explanation on how it works we literaly just saw a bunch of people do alot of random stuff that looks weird, they got alot of explaining to do on 9/12

    1. I imagine just to generate some talk about it. Most of it so far has just been banal “what?” comments though rather than any interesting ideas on what it might do

  2. No gameplay footage. Maybe it’s MARIO kart 9 complete with flexible steering wheel.
    Probably not and just some attempted fitness malarkey.
    You can just go jog with the new switch lite.

  3. I’m not necessarily against training gear for Switch, but this looks a tad more gimmicky than it have to. I mean, Wii Fit wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but at least it could measure you weight and training your balance pretty efficiently. Fitness Boxing relied on you do 99% of the whole thing based on the motion sensors in the joy-cons, which didn’t feel that of a complete training program; even though it actually does work. This doesn’t seems to be that much more really. Would be nice if we could sync the Wii Fit board to whatever software this is using.

  4. Looks like it might be some sort of MMO / worldwide-linked wii fit challenge? I’m interested.

    The best thing about nintendo is their insistence on strange and unique experiences. No other company in the world like this.

    1. Least we don’t have long to find out. Could have just made the Nintendo Direct yesterday a bit longer to include this, but I guess they wanted to keep the more gimmick-y stuff separate. Like they’ve been doing with Labo.

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