Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Japan: Nintendo has registered patents for new Poke Ball Plus


It seems Nintendo isn’t done with the lucrative Poke Ball Plus as a new patent has emerged online showing a revised edition. The new Poke Ball Plus aims to provide players with the following “properly organise the components of a spherical controller, to allow various operations using a game control; to improve the degree of freedom of a structure for the light emission of a controller, and provide a spherical control in which the components are properly arranged.” As always this is just a patent and it may never see the light of day. However, with the success of the previous Poke Ball Plus it would make sense for this one to come into fruition.



      1. I have a feeling they’ll focus on something other than the starters. Eevee wasn’t a starter and Pikachu only was for Yellow, an alternate version of the game. But the question is, who would they use? Togepi?


  1. It just looks like they rearranged the internal parts to make it more efficient or whatever. Maybe it’s a bit bigger too? But it seems they may have plans for using it in the future. If they do another Let’s Go game they’d need to have the gen 2 Pokemon in it.


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