Japan: New batch of Super Mario toys coming to McDonald’s

McDonald’s connoisseurs in Japan will soon be able to get special Super Mario-themed toys when they purchase a Happy Meal. While this type of promotion is trying to be stamped out in the west (at least here in the UK), it’s still a thing in Japan. The promotion kicks off on 20th December, and while the toys don’t look the highest of quality, there are bound to be those out to collect them. Take look at the various figures available in the video below.


  1. I hate these Nintendo Mc Donalds promo collaborations with a passion. Mc Donalds is such an abusive corporation. They are responsible for so much animal cruelty and destruction of the rain forest. It’s a bloody shame that Nintendo are sliding with them for decades now. They could easily find a partner with a more positive track record. Please don’t bring up the Ronald Mc Donald social projects from them. They are only doing this to white wash all their other ruthless actions.

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