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Pokemon Company given green light for further action against the Pokemon Sword & Shield leakers

We reported a few weeks back that The Pokemon Company were planning to take action against those who leaked Pokemon Sword & Shield information online before the game’s official release. Well, it now seems as though they have been given the green light to do this and they will now be able to take further actions against those who originally leaked information about the two highly antipcated games on discord and forums. The order has been officially granted by the courts.

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26 thoughts on “Pokemon Company given green light for further action against the Pokemon Sword & Shield leakers”

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Yeah but they would’ve made a couple cash extra if they didn’t leak which is the saddest thing about this. Leaking should make the game more hype, not make it have less sales.

    2. There more than just the Pokemon company involved in the games advertisement. People really don’t understand how much money a company actually gets to hold even with some of the biggest IPs. This is why companies like TellTale go out of business. People think it’s ok for large companies to just bleed money. There’s more to a company just just the one entity, not to mention an IP extends beyond than just that company. These leaks don’t just hurt a company, it is affecting individuals and their jobs as well.

  1. I mean can they even do anything? Like… Whoever leaked it got the guide from somewhere legally so…
    They’re only going for the Guide leakers, you should clarify that. They’re not really going against the ones who got the game early or “leaked the rom”
    Then again I always think it’s them leaking it on purpose to get more buzz

  2. I’m not sure what the admin *thinks* this ruling means, but it does not give the green light to take action “against” anyone. It lets them subpeona websites for information on the accounts who did the leaking. Whether or not they can do anything with that information depends on what that information is. If one of the sources is someone who had a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Nintendo, obviously they can take action. If they don’t find anything to that effect, the overwhelming most likely outcome is that they won’t pursue any action.

  3. GameFreak and Pokemon Company, kindly fuck off. You already ruined Pokemon Sword and Shield. Please let the rest of us enjoy whatever’s left of the holiday season, because these titles are shit. And no, sale numbers are NOT valid feedback.

      1. Sales numbers are not particularly useful feedback because you have nothing to compare them against. There’s never been a new mainline Pokemon game on a successful home console before. How on earth could you tell if these are low or high numbers in comparison to what they could have gotten if they improved the areas people are complaining about?

      1. “Are you telling me that this is different from this?”

        Yes. Nobody knows if there’s any NDA applicable to the leakers yet. That’s what the discovery motion is for, to try and find out.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      The guy who leaked the battlepass was under strict NDA, he knew he wasn’t supposed to leak it because he’ll face big consequences, this isn’t the same at all.

    2. Yes, because no good come from having helpful information and knowing what content to look forward to, not to meaning that these people are ruining your life by leaking information on the game (that’s been out for over a month), sonicgalaxy27.

  4. Admin, look at the reaction your misinformation has caused.

    This is not a “green light” to take action “against” someone. It’s a discovery order. Could they eventually sue someone? Maybe. Who knows. Depends on what they find. As it sits, the way you’ve inaccurately spun the story has left everyone thinking the leakers are already getting sued.

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