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Life is Strange developers would love to see game on Nintendo Switch

GameSpot has had the chance to interview Life is Strange 2 co-creative director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano to ask them a range of questions about the long-running franchise. Naturally one thing that popped up is the chance of seeing the beloved series on the Nintendo Switch. Ultimately they say the final decision is with Square Enix.

As you look to the future at the studio, do you see Nintendo Switch as being a part of that? Are there any plans to bring the franchise there?

Koch: We would love to, to be honest. And I think it’s something that needs to be decided by Square Enix, but definitely, I love playing games on my Switch so I would love to see some Life is Strange on Switch for sure.

Cano: I have the same answer, I love the Switch and I would love to see Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 on this console.



    1. “And I think it’s something that needs to be decided by Square Enix,”

      Because the publisher hasn’t paid for it. People tend not to like to work for free.

      1. We paying an adverage of $450 for a new video game console every 5 years yet sequels now and days are coming every other generation console. So basically I spend $300 thinking Pikmin 4 was coming out for the Switch but now I have to pay $600 for Pikmin 4 for the next generation Switch.

        Wow. What a waste of my hard earned money just to continue to play repeated NES and SNES Games wow we wait for Sequels.

        So if I bought a PS5 how I supposed to know the game “The Last of Us 2” will be out on PS5 or PS6? We paying all this money every 5 years for sequels and developers cant make a decision? If I’m paying $300 to $500 for hardware every 5 years then I expect that console to have at least 3 generations of Sequels.

        I invested $300 for Nintendo’s most powerful console, and I get weak Pokemon with less features and same 3DS animation and they want me to pay $60 bucks for that software?
        Why cant we get a Donkey Kong Sequel? Why would I pay 60 bucks for Tropical Freeze when I already have it in my Wii U? I paid 300 bucks and no Mario Kart 9? Now NSMBU2? Where is my monies worth? If that’s the case I should had never bought a Wii U

        So basically we paying $300 because

      2. Maybe yall have money to waste for these consoles every 5 or 6 years but I dont. So after I beat Luigi’s Mansion 3 then what? I have to pay $400 to play Luigi’s Mansion 4?

      3. We really got our monies worth playing and owning a gameboy and N64 and Pokemon Red and Blue because we already had Pokemon Bank and it was Free. All you had to do is pay $60 bucks for Pokemon Stadium. And another $60 bucks for Pokemon Red, and Blue. And immediately they made Pokemon Stadium 2 for Pokemon Gold and Silver.
        Another feature Sword and Shield lacks.

  1. I definitely recommend the first game if it comes to Switch. It was before all of this woke shit went full retard, so if there is anything someone might consider woke in it today, you can be happy in knowing the game doesn’t forsake a good story for shoving a bloody agenda down your throat. I haven’t played LiS2 yet, though. I will eventually since I already bought it on my PS4.

    1. Good to know. I had never heard much about it, aside from the politically driven promotion. As we all know, nothing says “fun time” like message driven fiction.

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