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France: Nintendo Switch named most fragile product of 2019 due to Joy-Cons

Nintendo has featured in a list of the worst companies of the year in France. The magazine 60 millions de consommateurs lists companies which consumers have had issues with. They include SNCF, which is the French national railway company, and FNAC, the retail chain. Nintendo has made an appearance regarding its Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo has acknowledged that there have been problems with them in the US and have set up a free repair programme, this hasn’t happened here in Europe.

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    1. True, but have you ever opened up a current handheld? The old Gameboy was just a bare board, a screen, a speaker, and the cartridge slot. These new

  1. Wow… When even the Soulja boy system is more durable xD Nintendo really needs to redesign or make the Joycons of a better material or they’ll keep being a joke for any controller

  2. My original joy-cons were changed for free because they still had the warranty, but the new pair got drift in less than 3 months, and I do not have more warranty for them -_-

  3. It still baffles me why they don’t simply create a new joy-con with a new joystick. Instead they make a whole new variation and keep the problematic joy sticks for that too. I love the Switch but this whole joy con issue should’ve been rectified with a remodel long ago.

  4. Joy-Cons are the shame of the Company, really. I don’t want to buy other sets because they haven’t fixed anything. I don’t like to buy garbage.

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