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Super Kirby Clash gets it own special inspirational music video

Super Kirby Clash is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and if you have spent some time with it you’ll know it’s a rather addictive and fun free-to-play title. Today, Nintendo of America has released a special music video for the game which could be seen as the game’s official theme song. Have a watch and listen in the tweet below.

4 thoughts on “Super Kirby Clash gets it own special inspirational music video”

      1. Its not even a cash grab considering the fact its free to play and getting apples aren’t a problem your basicly spoiling yourself if you buy apples , you want to talk about a cash grab look at mario kart tour and pocket camp

    1. you can say that about gaminig in general tbh. Big time waster. Could be doing something more useful.

      Also I play the game now and then. I already reached lvl 100 so haven’t been playing it as much lately. WHY I play this game is that I’m a Kirby fan and like Kirby boss rushes. I also like Monster Hunter and enjoy the co-op “hunts”.

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