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The large Panzer Dragoon: Remake patch is available now on Nintendo Switch

As previously reported, the substantial Panzer Dragoon: Remake patch for the Nintendo Switch is now available for download. It includes multiple changes and fixes to the game, which wasn’t quite perfected at launch. Reddit user Beridan has reported the following changes after downloading the Version 1.3 patch which brings with it 60fps gameplay and improved aiming. Here’s what he wrote:

  • 60 frames per second throughout the whole game
  • Aiming and shooting feels so much better! I felt like there was such a dang delay in doing lock-on, but now it’s so greatly improved and feels smooth. The single shots also fire A LOT faster
  • Easier to see whether or not you are actually doing damage to enemies. Before I had to keep staring at health bars to see if I was hurting the bosses, but now the animation kind of shows your blue lasers bouncing/hitting a shield instead of the enemy, so I wasn’t just shooting for no reason.
  • I feel like difficult was tweaked a bit (or maybe I’ve improved?). There were some bosses that I felt like would just demolish your health with a few hits, but not anymore.
  • The dragon itself doesn’t bounce around as much while flying so it’s easier to see what’s going on.
  • Rotating the camera to different cardinal directions is SO much faster. Before I struggled with it, but now I just played through the whole game without even thinking about rotating. Super slick.


4 thoughts on “The large Panzer Dragoon: Remake patch is available now on Nintendo Switch”

    1. When you throw that price tag up there, I feel like they HAVE TO remake it now.

      And I’m not even a fan of the franchise (that doesn’t mean I hate it).

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