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Digital Foundry takes a look at The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch

The Outer Worlds is now available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch and many of you are probably wondering how the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 port holds up on the system. Despite the recent news that the team were aiming for 1080p docked and 720p in handheld they haven’t manage to achieve this. Digital Foundry reports that the resolution for docked play is 720p and sometimes dips below that and that handheld play resolution is between 540p and 384p. The team says that frame rate isn’t much better at low 20s or even sub-20fps levels. This is with the day one patch. You can read their full analysis here.

Thanks to those who sent this news tip in!

12 thoughts on “Digital Foundry takes a look at The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch”

  1. I sorta disagree with DF in terms of thats how a new game looks. I mean Doom and Witcher 3 really proved that it doesn’t have to be like this. I absolutely love Witcher 3 on my Switch despitle it looking sorta blurry at times, it feels like all the sacrifices were made for a good reason and the outcome is a very well playable game that offers some of the way best vistas on the system. I understand that Outer Worlds might have a more complex engine with more stuff for the CPU to handle, yet I don’t believe it wouldn’t have been possible to lower on other ends to increase the pure gaming experience. Low textures and stuff are for me more acceptable than a constantly bad framerate, complete scenes poppin in (other reviewers showed scenes were suddenly high level enemies would just pop in around you, killing you…yay) or just loading screens while moving at random occasions. It just seems to be a really bad port.

    I’m disappointed as I was looking forward this. I didn’t expect it to be on par with the other consoles, but after playing Witcher 3 I was sorta hopeful they could totally pull it off. And jesus, Witcher 3 is like 5 times bigger than this.

  2. Ok. So why are Nintendo haters saying Nintendo fans are raged because of this game? All I see is one comment.

    These Sequels will kick PS5 ass sales.
    Astral Chain 2 *cough
    Bayonetta 3* cough
    Metroid Prime 4 * coughs
    Pikmin 4* cough
    Astral Chain 2
    Luigi’s Mansion 4
    Animal Crossing 3
    Mario Kart 9
    Mario Maker 3
    Tropical Freeze 2
    Odessey 2
    Super Mario Strikers 2
    Mario Baseball 2
    Yoshi Yarn 3
    Next Generation Pokemon after Sword and Shield
    Mario Rabbids 2
    Add Mortal Kombat and Xman Characters to Smash
    Add some Marval to Smash
    Add Netflix
    Add Amazon Prime
    Add HBO Go
    Add HBO Now
    Switch can whip some Ass if Nintendo did this.
    Get the rights back of Rareware !!! Make a Banjo Threeie!!(Xbox ain’t doing nothing with the bird and bear)

    Only reason why Xbox holding on to Rare because they know Nintendo would use them A HELL LOT BETTER THAN NUTS AND BOLTS.

    Super Mario 64
    3D World
    Ocarina of time Remake

    All Nintendo got to do is make some damn sequels and the Sony Boys will shut the hell up.

    Nintendo would whip their ass if they get off their ass and make some games.

    Nintendo worked like this Switch can take on PS7!!!!! You know what, make that PS8.5!!!!

    But for some dumb reason Nintendo waits nearly a decade.

    1. A Starfox game for the Switch would also whip some PS5 ass in sales.

      Sony can make a PS9 and Switch would whip that ass with its software.

      Yall asking forna Switch Pro. Why? They already take 8 years for a Sequel. That will just make a sequel take longer. Just make the software immediately

    2. Calm down, yo.
      First off, who cares if Sony sells more consoles than Nintendo or sports more powerful hardware? It’s good for everyone if the gaming industry works well. the more games and consoles sell, the more R&D is invested in them, the more creative teams are interested in the medium. Without PlayStation, there would almost certainly be no Astral Chain, because Hideki Kamiya’s franchises on the GameCube didn’t garner a large enough public, whereas the ones on PS2 did. Without PlayStation, perhaps the gaming industry would have suffered another crash, like when Atari bombed, and there would be no more Nintendo consoles (on the contrary, without the NES, the gaming industry may not have recovered from the crash).

      Second, you seem to have no idea how game development works. You can’t just do a sequel like that, without thinking it through first and without finding adequate funding. Plus, if you want quality and innovation, that takes time. Games are very costly to make, and even if it sells well, that doesn’t mean much when developing it cost too much (time and money). If, on the contrary, the game is awesome but doesn’t sell, you wouldn’t make a sequel because it seems like the game didn’t interest the public.

      Look at Dead Space, which sold well, but was so costly to make the developer couldn’t manage to do more sequels to it, although the fans were there. Look at Bayonetta, which sold like shit, or heck, Okami. Everyone who played it wanted a sequel (technically, Okami did get one, but made by another developer), but if no one buys it, that means there is no sequel. It took Platinum Games years to find someone who would support the Bayonetta sequel’s development.

      1. And let me tell yall something else. The only reason Microsft wont let Rare go is because if Rare went back to Nintendo they know they would use Banjo-kazooie and Conker and 007. Why else yall think Banjo-kazooie and Tooie arent on the Eshope when it started as a Nintendo game way before Xbox was in existence. It is as much as a Nintendo software as a Microsft Sofrware. And they know it. They know damn well Rareware would get more money from Nintendo than Microsoft and Microsft doesnt want to see the truth. that’s why.

        Diddy Kong Racing would whip ass on the Eshope from N64 days. Rareware knows they need the money but Microsft wont accept the truth they sore losers. That’s why Microsoft stop porting games over for the Switch.

        If Graphics were everything then why did Microsoft stop porting games to the Switch? Because they know Switch sales would whip Series X sales.

        And yet will say Nintendo is not a competitor. Ok so if Nintendo is not a competitor why cant you allow Banjo-kazooie and Tooie to go on the Eshope for old games? Why is that? B.s. lie.
        And as Switch is yall really think Devlopers of Outer Worlds would look like that. Sony is paying some of those 3rd party games to make it look like that.

        They already know Power dont mean nothing with out the quality of software

  3. If Nintendo make sequels immediately their software of sequels would always be in top ten. Sony know damn will no matter how powerful their consoles is it can never get on par with Nintendo’s software.

    I’m with Nintendo. I’m not worried about no damn power either. Yall asking for more power. I’m asking for more games.

    1. Next Gen Mario will be ready to whip some PS5 software sales.

      I’m going to be nice. A 2D Mario Game can whip a PS5 software sales.

      That ain’t even the 3D Mario.

      I’m going to ne nice.

      Toad’s Treasure Tracker 2 will whip some ass. That ain’t even a Mario game but a Toad game..

      what yall got Sony? What yall got In Software?

  4. Yall want to get made at some 3rd party devlopers that has no passion for the Switch. Oh well. Wait for Bayonetta 3 it will whip Outer World’s ass in sales!!!! Wait for Metroid Prime 4 it will be ready to kick some Killzone sales . Wait for BOTW2 it will be ready for TLOU2.

    Shit. Yall want to talk games or power.
    Wii Whiped their ass. Switch will be ready to take the PS5 in sales.

  5. All everyone talking about is the power of PS5 that no one even seen yet. Who the hell gives a damn. And PS6 will be more powerful than PS5. And?

    People so into power over the software. And yet in like 6 to 8 months whatever technology is in PS5 will be outdated by something else eventually.

    Talking about NX should had went to Tegra 2? What’s that going to do besides make the sequels take longer to come?

    The more powerful a console the longer it takes for the games we want to play to arrive. Yall know damn will to play Killzone 5 you have to buy a PS6. That game isnot coming on PS5? Why ? Because it takes the devlopers too long to make sequels because yall into all that power!! Pay all that money for all that power to last 5.5years just to fork over another $700 to play Killzone 6.

    1. Maybe because Guerrilla is working on Horizon 2 and fuck Killzone: almost noone is asking for Killzone, everyone wants HZD2?
      I’m with Nintendo from Game & Watch era and i love their ip.
      But, let’s be honest, Switch is great for their games, indies but i need a good console to enjoy everything.
      And, for how much i love it, Switch isn’t that console.
      That’s why i have a PS4 with her and i will have a PS5 (or a XSX, not sure right now).

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