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Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.4 available

Nintendo has released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch system today bringing the system software to Version 10.0.4. The update doesn’t include any new user features, but instead it fixes a recent credit card issue on the eShop in certain unspecified countries. You can check out the full patch notes below.

VER. 10.0.4 (RELEASED JUNE 4, 2020)

Fixed the following issue:
We have fixed the issue where it was not possible in some countries or regions to add funds using a new credit card or to register credit card information in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.4 available”

  1. Just give us folders and better themes for pete’s sake! The 3ds got all of that so why not the switch this is why the switch was hacked because you guys are too cheap toimplemetn somethign that would only take roughly about a fortnight of programming to acomplish.

  2. Nintendo is up to something
    Something big, something mean, something groundbreaking.

    They been quiet over 6 months. And I know why, they got some software planned to kick some PS5 ass in sales. I know they do. I think it is Bayonetta 3. Maybe Platimum will announce Astral Chain 2 in the works. Maybe Reteo will announce a New DK game. Maybe Ubisoft will announce Mario Rabbids 2. All these updates arent for no reason. It could be for something massive software so we dont have to have a 5min download for this groundbreaking Switch game.

    All that damn power = more money. I’m not bout to pay $700 for a console that after 2.5 years make a PS5 pro then another 2.5 years announce a PS6. Yall crazy. So yall fools want to pay $700 to Sony every 2.5 years. Yall already know a PS5. Pro and Series X Pro coming out in 2.5 years. Then the vanilla PS5 and Xbox Series X wont mean nothing anymore even though they are powerhouses. But now yall want a PS5 Pro even though yall wont see the graphical leap until nearly the end of its life cycle. Then Sony will announce a PS6 and it’s the same dumb cycle all over again.

    Like I said Nintendo could keep the same console for 2 generations for PS5 and PS6 and they still would whip ass. They only change every console generation because they like to give their fans a new experience rather than just make a console more powerful.

    And besides the PS5 and Series X wont look that realistic until nearly the end of their live cycle. Just look at that new Japanese game coming for PS4 Pro. Wait to the end of its life cycle to perform those type of visuals.

    And if it was a cross game and Digital Foundry compared it side by side, would a fool really see that big of a difference?

  3. And even if Nintendo was to make a Switch Pro, why would Nintendo’s next 1st party games have a graphical leap from people who bought an Update?
    Nintendo wants everyone to enjoy the same experience with fun and visuals. Hell you can barely tell the difference between Wii U and Switch Ports. Rayman Legends, Dk tropical Freeze, MK8.

    Only thing Ninteno is at fault for is charging $60 bucks for an old game. But then again, Nintendo cant help it that their games hold their value.

    Hell Windwaker for Gamecube is way more now then it was when it was currently being made by Nintendo.

    Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the 3DS holds its value. Hardly are you going to find a discount on any Nintendo games. Unlike Sony. All I got to do is wait 6 months and its value goes as fast as driving a brand new car off the lot.

    If Nintendo really wanted to, they could kick PS5 sales with Software alone.

    Talking about the Switch is weak. Please other devlopers are just dont know how to shrink thinks tonne footprint like Nintendo. Who is really the experts at making video games to the Switch small footprint and bringing it out to it’s full potential?

    I find it remarkable that Switch in power is between Wii U and vanilla PS4 and yet small. How all that shit fit in there like the Switch lite?

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