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Transformers: Battlegrounds arrives on Nintendo Switch 23rd October

There’s a brand new Transformers game coming to consoles and PC towards the end of the year and it is titled Transformers: Battlegrounds. The game is by Outright Games and Coatsink and judging from the brief trailer embedded below it looks set to feature open world gameplay with plenty of wacky action thrown in. You will be able to play the game on your Switch system on 23rd October.

As evil MEGATRON closes in on the Allspark, BUMBLEBEE and the Autobots need a new commander to help save Earth – you! Assemble your squad and roll out for a battle that will rage from Central City to Cybertron… and even to the local multiplayer arcade! More information to follow soon.

9 thoughts on “Transformers: Battlegrounds arrives on Nintendo Switch 23rd October”

  1. After seeing Nintendo’s rival reveal their games looks no different than what’s on what’s current. I see why Nintendo doesnt need a Switch Pro now. All that hype for nothing. Nothing is groundbreaking or earth shattering or scary from Nintendo’s rival reveal.

    And what’s worse is the Gameplay visuals are no where near CGI visuals.

    Now I see why Nintendo isnt crazy about a Nintendo Direct. Their Rival answered all my questions.

    Yall should see the negative comments off Nintendo’s rival’s event. Maybe they should have never had Unreal Engine 5 show that prototype game and it made people think everything would meet those expectations visually. That prototype URE5 shot their rival in the foot.

    Oh well. At least now I see why Nintendo isnt worried about the future of the Switch now.

  2. Nintendo’s rival next gen console looks like a modem. It is really nice looking. And it has a media remote.

    It looks really nice. It reminds me of the opposite of an Oreo cookie. The Oreo has the cream inside with the dark outside it making it a sandwich. NINTENDO’S rivals next console is the opposite

  3. Let’s see what the gamers think of the event now that it is finished. Review Tech, Obe, The Empru, Docttre81.

    I cant wait to see the comments of the fans and positives and negative reactions.

      1. It’s nice but the price will be a make it or break it for most people (it’s so weird that they haven’t reveal the price yet), my brother always buys Sony system no matter the price so I just been looking into the games aspect, the only PlayStation consoles I actually like we’re PS3 and PS2, I still have mix feelings on PS4 tho

  4. Well, as a kid from the 80s (and a big Transformers fan), I’m excited.
    Strategy games are not my favorite type, but I’m willing to give it a try.

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