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Video: Nintendo releases accolade trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles DE


Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive title that’s out now, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. This time though, it’s the review scores doing the talking and we get to see just how well the title has been received by critics in the short-but-sweet trailer that Nintendo uploaded to their YouTube channel and socials today. Our very own Colette reviewed it and you can read her shining review by clicking here.

As for the accolade trailer, you can view it for yourself in the tweet below:

4 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo releases accolade trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles DE”

  1. 1hr 12mins until Nintendo’s rival reveals their new console? Will it be mean? Will it be groundbreaking? Will it be powerful? Will it be earth shattering? Will it be expensive? Wait until they finally talk and find out.

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