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3 more titles are coming to the NES & SNES Switch Online collections on July 15th

Nintendo has announced 3 more games that will be coming to the company’s NES and SNES Nintendo Switch Online collections on July 15th. For the SNES collection, Donkey Kong Country and Natsume Championship Wrestling are on the way. Meanwhile, The Immortal will release on the NES collection. Nintendo’s official announcement tweet is down below.

16 thoughts on “3 more titles are coming to the NES & SNES Switch Online collections on July 15th”

    1. I doubt any Rare games other then the Donkey Kong Country series will come to the Online Classics line.
      However, Sony and Nintendo have been really friendly lately. So there may be some hope.

  1. Super Mario RPG
    Starfox 2
    Final Fantasy II (IV)
    Final Fantasy III (VI)
    Mega Man X,
    Mega Man X2
    Mega Man X3
    TMNT: Turtles in Time

    And as a special alternate reality request:
    Super Kid Icarus

    1. I know it would never happen, but an official English release of Final Fantasy V would be awesome. Star Fox 2 had never seen the light of day but they did that (then again, that’s a 1st party Nintendo title). I know, not likely, but I can dream.

      1. Hey, if Starfox 2 was on the SNES Classic, I’d say it saw the ‘light of day.’ That’s the only reason I put it on the list.

  2. Took ’em long enough to add DKC. I care nothing for the other two though.

    I don’t get it. This pandemic and people staying home was an ideal opportunity to bolster NSO by adding tons of SNES games; I’m sure moving them on to the Switch takes minimal effort.

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