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Sensor Tower: Pokemon GO has surpassed $3,600,000,000 in global lifetime revenue

Sensor Tower has released some new data on Pokemon GO‘s revenue. July 6th was the game’s 4th anniversary, and the game has now surpassed $3,600,000,000 in global player spending. The game is still showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Sensor Tower says that “Pokémon GO has already generated $445,300,000, putting it on course to match or even exceed the record spending it saw in 2019. That’s despite the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, which led to Niantic implementing more stay-at-home functionality so consumers could continue playing despite not being able to leave the house”.

As usual, the United States has been Pokemon GO’s most successful region. It generated about $1,300,000,000, or 35.4% of player spending. Japan is number 2, and Germany number 3. Installs are also impressive, with Pokemon GO accumulating 576,700,000 unique downloads worldwide. Sensor Tower says that “the United States makes up the majority of installs, with 105,200,000, or 18.2%. Brazil ranks number 2 with close to 63,000,000 downloads, while Mexico ranks number 3 with more than 36,000,000 installs, or 6.3%.

As for platforms, the majority of the game’s revenue has come from players playing on Google Play, with $1,900,000,000, or 53.6% of player spending. The App Store generated nearly $1,700,000,000, or 46.4% of the total revenue. Google Play also got the largest share of downloads. 450,000,000 downloads, or 78.3%, were made from Google Play. The App Store saw 125,400,000 installs, or 21.7%. You can see a chart of the game’s global first half-year player spending down below.


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  1. Good now use the money to make a real Pokemon Game that I will pay $69.99 for. If Gamefreak so rich why the graphics and animation looks lame?

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