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Nintendo asked about its plans for a next-gen system

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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and Nintendo Director Ko Shiota recently spoke about what the Kyoto-based company is planning to follow the popular Switch system up with. They were asked about their next generation plans during The 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders last week. It sounds as though they will continue with the hybrid system design they’ve seen success with, though of course this could change.

Could you tell us about the outlook for your next game system? Game hardware has always displayed an image on a TV or other kind of screen while you do something, and I think that’s where the limits for this format are. Would the hardware you’re thinking about go beyond those limits?

Shuntaro Furukawa (Representative Director and President):
Our current generation game system, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year since launch, but its momentum is increasing. We believe there are two factors behind this. First is the existence of two hardware configurations with different characteristics, in Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The second factor is that Nintendo’s development resources are concentrated on developing content for a single platform, Nintendo Switch. We want to extend the life cycle of Nintendo Switch while maximising such advantages.

Ko Shiota (Director, Senior Executive Officer):
In addition to the performance aspects (higher technical specifications), Nintendo’s dedicated video game platforms are developed with a focus on providing a comfortable environment for consumers to play fun software. From the perspective of playing with the image displayed on a TV, we believe that because consumers can play Nintendo Switch on a TV or the game console screen itself, it has greatly increased the opportunities for gameplay in various scenes in their lives, compared to previous consoles. Through Nintendo Switch, we’ve made many discoveries about where a dedicated video game platform can fit into a consumer’s daily life. We see scenes on social media of children and their families sitting around a game console to play, which gives us a renewed sense of the value of our dedicated video game platform. We will utilise these experiences in carefully considering the form our future game consoles will take.

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50 thoughts on “Nintendo asked about its plans for a next-gen system”

  1. Well, the Switch got a few years left of its lifespan as of right now. The sales for the Nintendo Switch are very strong. the sales for the Wii U did poorly. Most of us still enjoying the Switch as of today. Still waiting on those new features for the console.

    1. I’ve had it for three years since launch week. It still feels weird that this question of ‘next hardware’ has come up. It’s not weird, but I still feel there’s still so much potential left in the Switch.

      1. Well Nintendo Switch have some potential left for its lifespan. I mean, i still have doubts and still relay on the system itself. But, there is a good chance that Nintendo Switch will last for five years perhaps. Nintendo Switch still needs a bit more remakes and games for its library.

        1. I’m sorry but that’s how it works. Developing a game takes 3 to 4 years in the making and it cost thousands to make a game for another series. Other companies like Nintendo wanna make sure that the game on there system is running smoothly and properly. Back in 2016, they were having trouble running Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch sometime in that year. But later, they solve the problem and it runs perfectly now. You see, Nintendo Switch was develop by Nintendo Platform Technology Development who makes the system for the company.

      1. That’s a lie. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2,
        N64 had 2 Mario Parties, Gamecube had 2 Mario Karts.
        BOW 2,

        Games that can be worked on immediately: Mario/Sonic Olympics, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Let’s Dance, Spiderman
        Residents Evil franchises. TRINE franchise, Need for Speed franchise. Mario Kart. BOW2 (less than 3 years after seeing a small preview ) Grand Turismo franchise,

        Retro hasnt even did squat with Donkey Kong since 2012.

        DID you forget Miyomoto said in 2015 Pikmin 4 was nearly complete? That was almost 5 years ago. Where is it? I wish I could make six figures doing nothing. Last of US 2 gap from Last of Us is closer together than Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4.

        Games devlopers never continued for whatever dumb reason
        2D/3D Donkey Kong, Starfox Toads Trasure Tracker, Pikmin 4, Rayman Legends, Mario Kart 9,

        Games Nintendo lied about
        Pikmin 4, BOW2, Metro Prime 4

      2. When Switch was in R&D they should had thought about putting the Tegra 2 inside it . Why would Nintendo in 2013 working on NX knowing that Tegra 2 was near completion and still choice the Tegra 1 to Operate Switch. That was stupid.

    1. I think it’s pretty clear at this point.

      Not a good idea to split and go down the console route because it will have direct competition with consoles twice it’s capability and power.

  2. They have been succesful up to this point because they heard both sides of their fan base ( casual and hardcore) you can have a system in which an adult can play games made for them and other ones focused for everyone, including children an family in general. also, ther portability is one of nintendo best ideas in decades, letting them focus in only one system and making the different teams working for one enviroment.

    BUT…. they know the other next gen consoles are far too powerful to mantain this balance and bring big popular games to the system. games that could sell really well on a nintendo platform.

    at least, they will need a console that in theory could run games almost as well as a PS4 pro if they are planning to mantain this approach for the next 6 years… maybe the next Switch could be here for at 2021 final months, almost 5 years after it’s launch.

      1. If i were them i would try not to alienate one switch owners from the others, so i would prefer an enhanced version, but even if that the case, the more demanding games would not be able to run in the 1st version of the switch, not even at 540p or worst…. and the truth be told, thats not the way you want to play those games.

    1. It wouldnt be a problem if they thought about inserting the Tegra 2 into the NX instead of the Tegra 1. They knew the company that partnered with Switch had a Tegra 2 coming out. So why didnt they think of that in 2013? That was stupid.

      1. rumors says that Nintendo is teaming up with samsung instead of Nvidia for the next console, not the best approach if you think that Nvidia mades the most popular graphics cards on the market, letting them somewhat control how the games “should” be made. going with samsung could make Nintendo lost this strategic point.

      2. Because it wasn’t ready. First you need the technology (SoC) to develop/test games, and that should be nearly final, second you need your final technology many months before launch, because it takes months to build 1 million of systems (cumulative figure for the three biggest markets). They couldn’t, end of the story (and it was just 20% more powerful, nothing extraordinary, they were very similar).

  3. Their momentum will be at risk if they continue doing no directs and making barely any games besides pokemon, animal crossing and other popular series only. They need variety and third party support as well.

    1. 2019 first half was even slower. I think the pace is not as bad as people make it out to be.

      It’s a nice breather to catch up with games that we never got a chance to play or to try out DLCs. If you remember the second half of 2019 was so busy and it was hard to play all the Switch games that came out at that time.

      1. I don’t think it was busy at all imo. Luigi’s mansion 3 was good and there was fire emblem 3 houses which I’ve played over 200 hours, but that was it for 2019 for me. As for the slower pace combined with backlog, that only works for so long before gamers start getting bored and wanting new games again.

        1. There were many other quality releases. Just because they’re not triple A doesn’t mean we should dismiss them.

          Luigis mansion
          Fire Emblem
          Astral chain
          Daemon x Machina
          Zelda Links Awakening
          Mario Maker 2
          Pokémon Sword and Shield
          Dragon Quest XI
          Little Town Hero

      2. Luigis mansion
        Fire Emblem
        Astral chain
        Daemon x Machina
        Zelda Links Awakening
        Mario Maker 2
        Pokémon Sword and Shield
        Dragon Quest XI
        Little Town Hero

        👉No plans for sequels!!!👈

        I bet thede developers haven’t even started on it

        1. The world doesn’t revolve around sequels. Plus such quality games may need more one year. also 3 years ago Nintendo decided that they won’t make many announcements until the games are in their final development phase. One example is Origami King which just 2 months between announcement and release date.

      3. But I don’t like most of those games? Stuff like Astral Chain, Little town hero, pokemon sword and shield, etc… I just don’t care about.

        And that wasn’t even addressing my main point-that when gamers continue to not get any updates or news on new games to buy for the future for consoles they’ve bought, most of them (not me for some stupid reason though since I’m still here) get bored eventually and move on after a few years of getting very little releases.

        I remember me getting a ps4 after suffering a few years having a wii u with no games I cared about playing. And no, new super mario generic adventure game 65 is not gonna cut it Wii U

    2. Third support hasn’t really been important for Nintendo consoles for years. I can’t even think of more than two N64 games that I owned that weren’t first party.

    3. The problem is they are too focused on the casual gamers.

      When the Switch first came out it was based on the true Nintendo fans. Then whatever dumb reason, changed the software to focus on casual.

  4. I honestly think that Nintendo will have to change what they did with the Switch a little in the coming years if they don’t want an immense tech gap between the PS5 and the Xbox. I think they should have a dedicated home console a lot more powerful than the current switch à la PS4 pro. They should also offer consumers the possibility to buy a dedicated portable console to play scaled down versions of the games on the go. Save data could be automatically transferred to each device automatically. It would pretty much be the same console, but would target both portable and dedicated gaming while also having the possibility to attract both casual and hardcore gamers.

    I’m no tech expert, but I don’t see how Nintendo will be able to make a more powerful switch successor and keep 3rd party support otherwise with the new generation of consoles on their way this holiday season.

    1. The world doesnt revolve around Sequels?

      Games that sell well base on sequels
      Zelda franchises
      God of Warc franchises
      Call of Duty franchises
      Super Smash Bros franchises
      Mario Kart Franchise
      Animal Crossing franchise
      Pokemon Franchise
      Need for Speed Franchise
      Grand Thief Auo franchise
      3D Mario Franchises
      The Last of Us Franchise

      So what are you talking about that the world doesnt revolve around franchises?

      1. You’ve been dwelling in the comments section for 5 or 6 years. And a not a single time have you NOT brought up Pikmin 4.

        While I see some sense in other things you write, this is getting old. Also, Franchise =\= sequel.

        Additionally we did get m Hey Pikmin! A couple years ago to keep the franchise alive so let’s not be greedy.

        It just so happens games take much longer to develop. The right release window is also crucial. And if you ask me, there are plenty of amazing games with rich content that could last you thousand of hours.

      2. “Greedy” as if nintendo themselves aren’t greedy when they make the nintendo switch online “service” paid when free online was a staple of the wii and wii u XD

    2. When Switch was in R&D they should had thought about putting the Tegra 2 inside it . Why would Nintendo in 2013 working on NX knowing that Tegra 2 was near completion and still choice the Tegra 1 to Operate Switch. That was stupid.

      1. Nintendo R&D employs marketing listening and intelligence to measure the appetite for certain games like Pikmin 4 and sorry to disappoint you but they probably found out in their research that there’s either very low demand or very little room to innovate Pikmin series so they either scrapped it or shelved it.

      2. Kafolic, you’re missing the point about demand for games like pikmin 4. While it’s true that individually each of those games won’t bring in much money or hype, collectively metroid, pikmin, f zero, starfox, etc… WILL bring in more money for nintendo (as long as development costs aren’t too high).

        In addition, only having big hitters getting games over and over again, with no smaller/mid-tier IPs EVER getting games/news updates anymore will cause the console’s first market games output to stagnate eventually. Why do you think that even though new super mario bros U was launched with the wii u, that the wii u was still a failure? We can’t keep excusing it all away to “bad marketing”.

    3. Do they really need them? Look at the figures, there are very few games selling well from third parties. Nintendo needs more Nintendo’s owned studios, more great IPs like Splatoon, etc. If they can release one game per month who would care about third parties? It’s clear that now Nintendo should pursue their own route, sealing deal with few parties for exclusive content and say: “hey, we are the best selling platform, we are now the standard, so if you like… start developing your games on our platform, or just make it exclusive for it. It’s clear to me that at least in Japan gamers cares more about the hybrid solution than the ‘more power’ mantra. ‘More power to the hybrid solution’, ergo Nintendo Switch 2. PS5 will not be like the PS4 was at launch, there is competition this time, and it’s not only about games this time but about hardware too. The hybrid solution just works. I hope PS5 will be highly successful but I fear the smell of the failure. Great games, hraphically attractive, playable everywhere. The Switch is already there and in two year it will be even better (next gen Nintendo hardware). I would sell the Switch system only because there aren’t many more new great games on it, but I’m still happy with the hardware.

  5. So I’ll have to pay $450 to play Pikmin 4 now? I’m starting to give up on this game since 2015. It just seems Nintendo doesnt care about their real fans and too focused on the casual gamers. Yeah of course it is selling well. What is Nintendo doing in R&D on games?……. Nothing? I never cared about the Switch being weak. I wanted Pikmin 4 since Wii U was out!!!
    And wbh didnt they start on Mario Rabbids 2? What the hell are they doing in R&D? Had Nintendo worked on those games immediately instead of waiting 5 to 8 years after a game was finished, it wouldn’t be taking so long to see what Games Nintendo has

  6. PS4 fans are so lucky to only have to pay $59.99 to play the Sequel to The Last of Us.

    Nintendo fans will have to pay $459.99 to play Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4. At least Sony cares about their fans….unlike Nintendo who never listens to what their fans really want.

    1. Sony isn’t really innocent. They rehash the same game and create countless sequels based on the same engine.

      Not to mention they rerererelease so many editions of the same game and get away with it.

      1. Sony isn’t innocent by a longshot, but at least they’re actual competition to nintendo, and at least their ps5 is getting games like Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a Spider man PS4 sequel and more, a new ratchet and clank (a new game hasn’t been heard about since 2016 BTW). These are all good things and gamers like hearing about them as opposed to nintendo showing…a bakugan game by wayforward???

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