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Nintendo announces Splatoon 2 Splatfest for August 2020

Nintendo has decided to give the classic Splatfests in Splatoon 2 another go as the company has announced a new Splatfest for next month. The theme is set to revisit the classic conundrum of which came first: the chicken or the egg? You can either join Team Chicken or Team Egg on 21st August at 3pm PT / 11pm UK time. Nintendo has also confirmed two more bonus Splatfests which will be arriving before the end of March 2021.

21 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Splatoon 2 Splatfest for August 2020”

  1. I honestly really don’t like this reviving old splatfests because it’s makes the olds ones we did the first round when the game updates were alive obsolete, I wouldn’t be surprised if they redo the final splatfests at this point

    1. I love it because I missed most of these Splatfests, just like I did for the first game. They’re my favorite thing about Splatoon, but new Splatoon games always come out on the newest consoles I can’t afford at the time the game launches.

      1. That’s cool but I just wish we had new content, it just feels like the dev team gave up way too early on Splatoon 2, and now there trying to compensate for it I never got to play the original Splatoon but I notice it has alot more content than the sequel, it would be nice they ported some of the stages and specials to 2 though

  2. Oh great, now we’re gonna get more people complain about how this “ruins the original runs” and how it “affects the lore of the game”.
    I swear, people can be so nitpicky sometimes.

      1. +The Man of Brisk
        Okay, about that…Is this “book” even canon to the Splatoon Lore? I’m not saying it doesn’t exist it’s just I’ve often tried to find this supposed book and I’ve yet to see it.
        If it’s just some quote dropped by Pearl or Marina then I wouldn’t really consider it a real thing.

      2. +The Man of Brisk
        So…in other words…this entire “Book” is a farce made up by the community?

    1. Lol you think it’s nitpicky no it’s not, I ask alot of people on why were they even rejoining the splatfests, and it’s just to obtain more super sea snails, without the splatfests there’s no other way to obtain them so even when this ends new players or even old players who want good stats can’t even earn more sea snails unless another splatfests is redone, like man of brisk said they could easily do new themes, Splatoon 2 is a good game, but it’s also really easy to see that some of ideas the devs implement are wack.

      1. Actually, If you talk to Lil’ Judd after you win 30 matches (at least Turf War, not sure about Ranked/League but I would assume those also count), he’ll give you one snail. There’s usually a bubble with an ” ! ” in it above his head to indicate he’ll give you one. Still, it’s not as convenient as winning them in Fests.

        1. I forget about that, it does happen with rank too, its more like a grind fest, also you still need like more than one sea snail to scrub or add an exrra slot to your weapon or item thats like about 90 victory battles to at least get 3 hopefully the team is confident enough to win lol

      2. +felixgray
        That’s precisely my point; People play Splatfests for the rewards, I guarantee if you took away the rewards you get and only made it about the side you pick, the amount of people that gather for it would decrease dramatically.
        This is why this whole “breaking the lore” and “It renders the original Splafest pointless” are just silly nitpicks, Splatfests are not really about the side you pick, it’s about what people get out of them. Even if you lose the Splatfest, it really doesn’t matter because the rewards are still quite big.

        And about the whole “new themes” thing; It’s actually not as simple as he makes it out to be. Aside from the fact that you need to make new art which wouldn’t be that bad if that’s all you needed to do, you also need to give Pearl and Marina new dialog to suit the Splatfests which by the way has to be done on a global scale and they also will need to make new cutscenes with their pre-made animations to suit alongside the dialog. If Splatoon 2 was still in it’s “Post Launch Development”, this wouldn’t be too much to ask but since the main team has since moved over to Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s not really that simple.

        I was going to point out how you can earn Super Sea Snails via levelling up but The Man of Brisk beat me to it.

      3. Also, to both of you; There’s actually some misinformation I’m reading here that needs correcting.

        “you still need like more than one sea snail to scrub or add an exrra slot to your weapon”
        This is half right. Yes you do use Super Sea Snails to add slots to gear BUT you’ve never needed 1 to scrub gear, to scrub gear you simply pay 20,000 Coins to Murch and that will scrub all 3 slots and give you the chunks of the respective abilities.

        “Actually, If you talk to Lil’ Judd after you win 30 matches (at least Turf War, not sure about Ranked/League but I would assume those also count), he’ll give you one snail.”
        It’s not worked that way since Splatoon 1. In this game you get 1 Super Sea Snail for every level up. You can speed up the leveling process by using EXP Tickets and by building the freshness gauge on the weapons you use.

  3. I’m happy that Splatfests are still a thing and that Splatoon 2 is still getting *some* form of post-release support, but redoing themes? Is it really so difficult to think up new ones? I’ve had unused themes in my head for years now, like…

    -Gummy Candy VS Hard Candy: Which is better?
    -Science VS Magic: Which is cooler?
    -Skydiving VS Bungee Jumping: Which is more exhilarating?
    -Apple Pie VS Pumpkin Pie: Which tastes better?
    -Telepathy VS Telekinesis: Which is more useful?
    -Mountains VS Beaches: What’s the better vacation spot?

    Like it’s not hard to come up with themes.

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