Pikmin 3 returns to Wii U eShop

The entertaining Pikmin 3 has made a surprising return to the Wii U eShop this afternoon after being removed from the store when the Nintendo Switch version was announced. You can purchase Pikmin 3 for £19.99 if you have a Wii U and can’t wait for Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Switch. The enhanced Pikmin 3 Deluxe is due out on 30th October.



    1. It was removed because it had a price drop because the physical version was part of the Nintendo Selects program on Wii U and Nintendo wanted extra money. They probably heard the backlash and put it back up


      1. Probably but they decided to put it back with the price drop as to make people think it was just for the price drop and not a combination of the price drop and backlash of the removal.


  1. Im glad they leave it for the people who want this version, finally a pro-consumer move, well, after being anti-consumer first :D


  2. Not that big a deal, since I never played the Wii U version and now have no reason to (since you get DLC at no extra cost, plus new content).


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