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Jason Schreier: Prince of Persia Remake to be announced during Ubisoft Forward

A few week’s back a known Nintendo distributor in Guatemala had an online listing for a Prince of Persia Remake from Ubisoft which was listed for the Nintendo Switch platform and others. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier announced on his podcast that the listing is legitimate and that the Prince of Persia Remake will be announced and unveiled during the Ubisoft Forward digital event which is due to take place on Thursday.

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  1. **Sigh**
    And there goes my hope of seeing Far Cry 3 being ported to the Switch. Which is fine, now that I think about it. I mean, the “Classic Edition” one for the ps4/Xbox runs at 30FPS, it’s a terrible job. So that goes to show the Switch one, if it ever existed would be just as s*** of a port, if not even worse. Then again, maybe the game could’ve performed better if it wasn’t rushed…
    Oh screw it. It’s not happening so better forget about it.

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