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Video: Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube & Switch GameXplain graphics comparison

GameXplain has given us an insight in to how the HD version of the excellent Super Mario Sunshine will look on Nintendo Switch compared to its original release on Gamecube. As you can imagine, the upgraded HD visuals and the addition of it playing in widescreen is immediately noticeable and the Isle of Delfino is looking better than ever. We also reported on a similar comparison video yesterday, but showing Super Mario 3D World and you can read (and watch) more about that here.

Check out GameXplain’s video below to see the comparison in action!


15 thoughts on “Video: Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube & Switch GameXplain graphics comparison”

      1. Well I liked Mario sunshine way more than 64. I couldn’t really get into 64, the low polygon visuals and lack of shadows annoyed me.
        My favourite 3d Mario games are
        1. Odyssey
        2. Sunshine
        3. Galaxy 2
        4. Galaxy 1
        5. 64

    1. I preordered it even before I read all of the details, or seen any video footage. Even before reading that it was going to be a limited release. Because I had a feeling it would be because of how quickly the Wii Super Mario All-Stars sold out and disappeared.

    1. The resolution adjustment is a pretty huge deal both from a visual and latency standpoint. There are also screens out there demonstrating that texture quality has been noticeably increased in SM64, possibly the other games as well.

  1. Got to admit, sort of weird. It actually looks like they took out the ‘heat’ affect in the remaster. You know, when you look into the distance and things go a little wobbly because of how damn hot it is? Yeah, Sunshine had that. And everyone here is totally onto it – the game looks nowhere near as fuzzy as it did in footage from the direct.

    Super Mario Sunshine is an amazing game. I’ve finished it 4 times. And I’m pretty sure there’s still at least one more time in the pipeline!

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