Here is Nintendo’s new office in Frankfurt, Germany

We already knew that Nintendo was planning to move into a new office space in Germany, but we can now see what Nintendo’s new office in Frankfurt looks like (from the outside at least) thanks to Domi over on Twitter. Domi has taken a few pictures of the building and we’ve included their tweet below. Those hoping for a vibrant colour scheme, real-life piranha plants or an entrance with a castle and flag poles will be a tad disappointed as the building is pretty plain and it’s too dissimilar to Nintendo’s office in Japan. Let’s hope we can get a sneak peek of what’s inside at some point!



  1. Germany has announced a 50 per cent funding scheme for locally produced games. This could be something that Nintendo could be after, and maybe it could push them to open a new development studio or two in Germany. Could explain why the headquarters are so much bigger. 50 per cent funding is no small amount of money to be laughed at considering that some games cost millions and millions to make. This is probably just wishful thinking from me but who knows.

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