The latest batch of NES and SNES games now available for Nintendo Switch Online members

Nintendo of America has announced that the latest batch of Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System games are now available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. You can now enjoy the classic 2D platformer Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest and The Peace Keepers for the Super Nintendo app and Mario’s Super Picross and S.C.A.T for the Nintendo Entertainment System app. Just update the apps and enjoy!


  1. I highly recommend any younger gamers who haven’t played dkc2 to fire this game up.
    It is without a doubt one of the best SNES games.
    Just try not to pull your hair out when you get to bramble scramble😆

    1. I just beat DKC1 and I am ready to beat DKC2! I really appreciate the rewind feature, because the games are so hard!

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