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Rumour: recent Switch games unlocked framerates due to ‘Switch ‘Pro’ model having easy performance boost’ mode

The rumours of a Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ – or a model that is more powerful than the Switch we play now – have been swirling around the internet for quite some time now. And although we’re yet to hear from Nintendo itself regarding, well, anything to do with a new model, Twitter user Dusk Golem aka AestheticGamer1 has stated that not only do they know that the Switch Pro rumour is indeed true, but the new model will have an ‘easy performance boost on it’. They say that recent Nintendo Switch games have had unlocked framerates due to the next console’s ability to increase the performance with some titles. says that this particular Twitter user has been correct in the past when it comes to rumours and you can see Dusk’s tweet for yourself below:

As always though, this is a rumour. We will have to wait to hear from Nintendo itself for any information if a potential new, higher-performing Switch is in the works.


20 thoughts on “Rumour: recent Switch games unlocked framerates due to ‘Switch ‘Pro’ model having easy performance boost’ mode”

  1. Pokémon Sun on 3DS vs New 3DS was noticeably different. I get that games should work on both Switch but I want to see a noticeable difference on older games i.e. Zelda Botw should have framedrops when it rains when played on Switch Pro etc

  2. Dusk Golem has a spotty track record. Regardless of what they say, I think a Pro model is on the way. There’s plenty of other evidence out there for it. And how do we know that current games have an unlocked framerate? Is that confirmed?

    1. Well its not a new console. Its just a update version of Nintendo Switch. I’m not really a expert on specs, but I believe the Switch pro is going to have a good framerate to let other games run smoothly.

  3. Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

    Obviously they are working on a new Switch, that’s just a given. But to think that a release date is imminent is laughable. Do you know how much that would cost? To play 4K 60fps games on a handheld in 2020? Lol people are dumb af

      1. Everyone keeps forgetting the switch is most powerful in console mode. With nvidia’s new tech, the new switch can have a power boost in handeld mode and a major boost in docked mode via DLSS 2.0. Nintendo had a patent for a dock that had extra hardware on it to boost performance.

        4k 60fps for a switch is not a pipe dream with DLSS 2.0 around..

    1. So far, noone has even claimed that the new Switch was going to be a handheld in the first place. It could very well just be a standalone console, just like how the Switch Lite is a standalone handheld. Plus, while there were claims made about this new Switch supporting 4K, I don’t think anyone so far specifically said that this meant a native 4K. In other words, it could very well just be upscaled 4K or something like that. Upscaling would be doable for even a handheld.

      1. This is a Switch “Pro” we’re talking about it here. It wouldn’t be a new console, but an extension. It would have access to all already existing Switch games. I’m sure it would do just fine, and since the Switch would still be around, it really wouldn’t matter if it did great or not.

  4. Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

    it’s implied by using “Pro” beside the name, like a PS4 Pro (last gen). if they release a revision console like the recent one with the battery performance upgrade but instead with a small incremental graphic performance boost, that is not worthy of renaming the system “Pro” ALSO they love to milk the shit out of things and they are not done milking the current Switch. when we see a new Zelda game we will see a “Pro” Switch and that won’t be for at least 2 more years.

      1. Meh, maybe in the mid size dog competitions :D.

        At this point Nintendo is niche popular, and that works for them so it’s whatever. But people should stop hoping for a console that’s gonna blow minds.

        @ Gruntilda

        Yeah I would say that’s probably about where it’ll be, which really wouldn’t be enough to justify buying a new console for me.

  5. A lot of people on here feel perfectly willing to comment on things they don’t know much about. Nvidia currently doesn’t have any Tegra chips that would work well in a handheld. As a dedicated home console, they actually have a quite a few upgrade paths.

    For those mentioning DLSS 2.0, that’s not some free feature. The Shield TV, which uses the same chip as the Switch but a higher clocks, supports AI upscaling but it can only do it on video where the GPU isn’t being used. What DLSS takes to run may well be equivalent to all of what the Switch has to offer.

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