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US: two new SEGA Double Packs are now available for Nintendo Switch

SEGA has announced on Twitter that “two all-new SEGA Double Packs are now available for Nintendo Switch in the US”. The first one is Sonic Mania + Team Sonic Racing, and the second one is Sonic Forces + Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. The two packs are $39.99 each. SEGA’s tweet is down below.


  1. That’s a good bargain. More companies should do this specially if ur games aint selling. Not saying these arent.

  2. I hope they do one for valkyria chronicles similar to Japan since I can’t get a physical copy in stores anymore.

  3. I always buy the games on sale digitally anyway. Otherwise the whole 6 foot bookshelf would be filled with switch physical game cases.

  4. so Sega can put two full release games on a single game cart, yet companies like Capcom still fucking struggle to do the same thing with games from previous generations

  5. Does that mean Banana Blitz is at a lower price now, or is only $20, so long as you buy Forces, even if you own it?

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