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SEGA looking into back catalogue of Atlus for remasters and remakes due to Persona 4 Golden PC success

SEGA President & CEO Haruki Satomi recently held a held a video presentation after the company’s results for the fiscal year ending March 2021. During the presentation Mr. Satomi spoke about the company’s desire to revisit Atlus‘s extensive back catalogue after the success of the release of Persona 4 Golden on PC platform Steam. Here’s a summary of the company’s future plans for a number of key Atlus series which will include both more remasters and remakes:

  • Sega is working with different partners to expand their releases to platforms beyond the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo bubble.
  • Sega had not been proactive about releasing Atlus titles on Steam until now, but the direct port of Persona 4 Golden on PC far exceeded their expectations.
  • As a result of P4G’s success, Sega wants to release more ports, remasters, and remakes from their catalog of Atlus titles to various platforms.



    1. If it could do well on ps vita it’ll do amazing on the switch. I’d estimate at least 2-3 million sold

    1. Everything they do is odd and questionable. It would probably take them a few hours to get a working port at most. There’s been many times they could have sold an extra few million more copies if they simply release the game on more platforms.

    2. Atlus always had this weird fetish of releasing third party exclusives for no reason, it seems being bought by Sega didn’t change much until now.

      Maybe they will learn that releasing good games on more than one platform results in.. (here comes the surprise) … more game sales.

  1. Sega and all their IPs should just be sold to Nintendo. It is a no brainer.

    Their and Atlus IPs will sell millions.


  2. You know Sega, there are legions of Switch players that would love to play Persona 4 Golden on the go.

    Just saying….

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