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Nintendo of America president congratulates Xbox team for Series X | S launch

The next generation gaming consoles from Microsoft were released today worldwide, the beefy Xbox Series X and the cheaper Xbox Series S. Taking to Twitter, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser took the time to congratulate the team at Xbox and Phil Spencer on the launch of the new systems, which is nice to see. Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios have brought a number of their franchises over to the Nintendo Switch system including Moon Studios Ori games, The Outer Worlds, Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Hellblade, and of course, Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


      1. It is an excellent metroidvania game with a beautiful art style. However what put me off what the unstable performance and being stuck in place I could never get out of unless I load a save file that and lose a couple of hours of playtime.

        Not to mention, the game crashed at least once in every play session I had. It was frustrating.

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  1. Must be a washington state thing. Both companies are based in in the seattle area or nearby. Redmond.

    Sony seems to be that loner type who cant get along with anyone.


  2. Wait, aren’t Xbox and Playstation launching at the same time, lol?

    Nintendo: “We’d like to congratulate Xbox on their successful launch”

    Playstation: “What about us?”

    Nintendo: “…We’d like to congratulate Xbox on their successful launch.”

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      1. They sure like make this “partnership” more than what it is. Switch only got 2 XBOX games that are worth getting; Cuphead and Ori.

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