The Sonic Movie 2 is set to enter production in March 2021 and is codenamed Emerald Hill

Documents found in a new filing on the Director’s Guild of Canada website have revealed that the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2 is due to enter production in March 2021 and is codenamed Emerald Hill. The studio listed is Red Energy Films and they currently have a 20 million dollar budget. Paramount had previously announced that they were working on a sequel to the immensely popular Sonic the Hedgehog Movie back in April 2020. Hopefully more details will be shared soon by Paramount.



  1. My wish list for upcoming Sonic movies…
    SATAM is separated from Sonic universe, Robotic is defeated, Sally is unrobotisized and she and the Future Sonic robotisized then unrobotisized live happily with there friends and family in the Acorn kingdom on its Mobius as our Sonic, Tail watch on.
    Jim Carrey Robotic I’m not as bad as that guy.
    Donut Lord is a good cop Sonic is briefly confused by politics…there is no sole answer.

  2. The budget is only 20 million? They’re going to need more than that if they want to make a quality sequel!

    Remember: the first film cost around 95 million, with 5 million of that going to Sonic’s redesign alone. How is this supposed to be as good as or better than the first with that much smaller of a budget?

  3. Hopefully it’s good. The first film was decent, but I still wish it wouldn’t have had so much focus on the human characters. Jim Carrey was perfect as Robotnik though.

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