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Uri Geller apologises profusely and says Nintendo can print Kadabra on Pokemon Cards again

Famous magician Uri Geller has tweeted an apology today to Pokemon fans and The Pokemon Company. Twenty years ago now Mr. Geller said that the Japanese name for the Pokemon Kadabra and the image were too close to his own. He famously decided to sue Nintendo in 2000 and the Kadabra Pokemon card stopped being used in Pokemon card sets from 2003. He made a statement back in 2000 saying that “Nintendo turned me into an evil, occult Pokémon character. Nintendo stole my identity by using my name and my signature image.” Today, he has thankfully apologised for his historic actions.

While Kadabra is a word associated with magic, the Pokémon’s Japanese name—variously written as Yungerer, Yungeller, and Yun Geller—seems to be a reference to Geller



27 thoughts on “Uri Geller apologises profusely and says Nintendo can print Kadabra on Pokemon Cards again”

    1. Sometimes people just change. It’s also possible he’s wanted to do this for quite awhile now but was afraid to do so because of the spotlight being put back on to him. We’re all human, so sometimes we don’t announce our changes until a sudden moment

  1. You sure Nintendo/GameFreak even care at this point.

    In recent years, they have proven that they care very little about people having nice things.

    Now if only the flashing lights and people plagued by epilepsy all those years ago would allow Nintendo/GameFreak to show Porygon and its evolutions in the anime. If only Weatherford would apologize for misunderstanding Japanese folklore and allow Jynx to be au naturel again.

    1. Forget about Jynx. Nowadays, anything even resembling blackface (even if Jynx is a parody of the gyaru thing) is going to be persecuted. Not the place to discuss this, though.

      As for Porygon… That would be the same as admitting the flashing lights was Pikachu’s doing (which it was, but Pikachu is the mascot, so heh.)

    2. Not how it works. Blackface fucked over the black community and there are still people and families who were hurt by that crap back in the day and Pikachu was the one who caused the flashing lights. And don’t forget there were episodes that were banned due to a Japanese earthquake killing people so it never even aired in Japan once. Nothing is the anime’s fault as much as Americans never watch a Japanese anime before you clad!

      1. How am I a CAD (or in your case, “clad”) for wanting Porygon to return?

        And as far as Jynx, it’s not like GameFreak created to Pokemon for the purpose of “fuck you, black people!”, especially when basing a Pokemon solely on race alone isn’t very creative.

        You’re just here to create drama in places where it’s not needed. Also, there are worse things that hurt people, that actually REFUSE to go away.

  2. While the inspiration for the name is obvious, Yun Geller is different enough from Uri Geller that he should not have any legal ground to prohibit the use of this name. It’s not like he owns the name “Geller”. Also the association with magic should not matter. Just look at how many Movie characters are inspired by James Bond (JB). Jason Born and Jack Bauer are just two prominent examples.

    1. The Japanese name was a spoof of his, so it’s more obvious. The only reason it made him upset was because Kadabra/Alakazam actually have a stern face on them compared to othr Pokemon, so he thought they where trying to say he was some sort of evil magician. It was definitely an over reaction at the time.

  3. Klara is better than Avery

    Klara is my wife.
    I’ll stab Avery with a kitchen knife.
    I will end Avery’s life.
    Avery fills me with strife.
    The ground will be rife with Avery’s blood.


    1. I dislike pokemon trainer Avery too. If we keep getting situations where cute girls are replaced by males I’m gonna stop buying pokemon games. I was okay with Drayden and Kiawe because Iris and Mallow appeared with a smaller role. Avery won’t even let Klara show up on the game and I hate Avery for that. I regret choosing shield in 2019 with no knowledge of the dlc. I would have gotten sword instead if I knew about Klara in 2019.

  4. Weird but wholesome somehow.
    If you play the Pokemon TCG you would know that every set since then has only had Abra amd Alakazam, and Abra usually has a move or ability that lets it skip Kadabra altogether intentionally.

    Tbh, it’s good rare candy isn’t as good of a card as it used to be or it would genuinely not matter at all lol.

  5. I never knew this was a thing.

    Also, ironically, since Nintendo knows a thing or two about bullshit from this whole thing, maybe they’d be a bit more humble about some of their own recent transgressions, like shutting down the online Melee tournament during a global pandemic?

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