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Ubisoft talks about the creative puzzle designs in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Game Informer got to chat with some staff members from Ubisoft Québec, the studio behind Immortals Fenyx Rising, to discuss the creative puzzle designs for the title that’s launching on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. In the short but informative video which had the likes of Associate Game Director at Ubisoft Julien Galoudec and Game Director Scott Philips appear, the team talk about how the implementation of the puzzles within Immortals Fenyx Rising helps to make the title more engaging for the audience. They touch on having over a hundred puzzle prototypes, inspiration for the vaults and more in the YouTube video which you take a look at below.

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  1. While the game piques my interest, the art direction is lacking by a bunch. From the main character to the enemy design, it’s very generic-looking—too generic-looking. Other than that, the combat and powers look good, add puzzles and secrets and you’ve got a game worth a play. Not worth $100 for the full experience, though. Not $60 for the base game either. Ubisoft games in general, while good games, aren’t worth full price.

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