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Nintendo leak shows Switch concept in 2014 which is very similar to the online hoax design

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Those of you using social media will have seen that Nintendo has recently had a security breach with private and confidential documentation leaked and freely shared online. One of the interesting things which has emerged from the leak is that one of the concepts for the Switch, which was designed back in 2014, is very very similar to the hoax Switch design which did its rounds on the internet before the actual project was revealed in late 2016 by Nintendo.

Switch hoax

Switch concept by Nintendo in 2014

12 thoughts on “Nintendo leak shows Switch concept in 2014 which is very similar to the online hoax design”

    1. Yeah but back when Iwata was alive, the Nintendo Switch was codename NX and it has a lot of massive third party support as of today. Also, Nintendo Switch was the last console that Iwata got involved with.

  1. Guess they realised having the player cover a good portion of the screen with their thumbs at all times wasn’t a good use of screen space.

    1. Whew… Thank goodness. A screen like that with no face buttons would be laughable. It might make for a good gaming smartphone if Nintendo ever got into that but yeah… Not a great design for a dedicated gaming console.

  2. Heh, I remember seeing this hoax back then, glad it’s not true. And… that design, well, it does look kinda cool and all, but it will not be called Switch if it had nothing to do with switching from home to portable. It will be simply a portable system.

  3. People do realize the Hoax was based off of legitimate Patents. It wasn’t jusf out of the blue. It’s also why it features scrolling Shoulder buttons, because that was also a patent Nintendo filed.

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