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Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is being updated on February 4th

Are you wanting some more large content updates for Puyo Puyo Tetris 2? If so, then you’re about to get one. SEGA has announced that the game is going to be getting another major update for free on February 4th, including the version that had released on the Nintendo Switch late last year.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by SEGA if there is going to be any bug fixes, SEGA did announce all the content that the update is going to add to the game. It includes 4 new characters, 3 new songs, Color Blind settings, and more. The entire list of the update’s upcoming content can be seen down below.

  • Four new characters added:
    • Serilly (voiced by Haruka Yoshimura)
    • Rafisol (voiced by MAO)
    • Strange Klug (voiced by Mie Sonozaki)
    • Yu & Rei (voiced by Miki Hasuda)
  • The following Challenge rules have been added to “Multiplayer” and “Online –> Free Play” rule selection:
    • Endless Fever
    • Endless Puyo
    • Tiny Puyo
    • Sprint
    • Marathon
    • Ultra
  • Color Blind Settings added to the options (“trichromat,” “protanopia,” “deuteranopia,” and “tritanopia”)
  • Three new songs:
    • “Request from Puyopuyo”
    • “Watashi wa Ubou, Nanimo Kamo!” (Rafisol’s Theme)
    • “Akaki Sakebi no Hadou!” (Strange Luke’s Theme)


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  1. Hopefully they don’t change Sonic’s voice in a later update cause that would feel so wrong considering is the very last role Roger Craig Smith got to do as Sonic the Hedgehog

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