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Here’s a closer look at the Legend of Zelda-themed Joy-Con

In celebration of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD title for Nintendo Switch which was revealed by Aonuma himself last night in the latest Nintendo Direct, fans of the franchise will want to take a look at the swanky new Zelda-themed Joy-Con. The set will be releasing alongside the game on 16th July this year with the HD version of the Wii classic from 2011 boasting sharp graphics, button-only control options and 60fps action. Take a look at the Joy-Con in all their glory, along with the gorgeous packaging, below.

Source: Nintendo PR / Via

15 thoughts on “Here’s a closer look at the Legend of Zelda-themed Joy-Con”

  1. these might actually be worth that rip-off price for joycons, or maybe they’ll do a bundle pack like with the original and golden wiimote

    1. I never get this philosophy. If you don’t want to buy it then don’t-nothing wrong with that. I never had a wii so to me this is a brand new game and I’m happy to play it.

      Sure, they might have a larger profit margin on a remake since there’s less development, but that profit can be used to innovate and design elsewhere to help the company grow. If Nintendo only made games at cost there’d probably be very little room for growth.

  2. Those Joycons don’t quite do it for me. Now, some golden Joycons with a simple Triforce design would be great. Especially since I played the original Skyward Sword with a golden Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

  3. Really nice joy-cons, but… it’s too bad that Scalpers are gonna buy ’em all up, then resell ’em for ridiculous prices… So, I’m not interested to buy ’em… :(

  4. My purple Joy-Con sorta fucking drifts now. It started after my dock, for some reason, started not wanting to stream my Switch to the telly. (Had to replace it with a used one cuz new docks aren’t being fucking sold for some stupid reason.) So maybe I’ll try trading it in (along with my red one) for these. Hopefully the drift issue doesn’t become one again for these.

    1. I know there maybe more coming and sorry about using the B word but it just makes me so mad. Real fans can’t enjoy this stuff without paying a arm and a leg. I could afford the average price but not these stupid prices when they don’t have the product yet. Anyone who buys from a scalper is a complete idiot, why would you support them. Doing that will convince them to keep doing it.

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