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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD will support amiibo, game has 7.5gb file size

Thanks to a recent eShop listing for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch, we now know the title will support amiibo. Just exactly how though remains a mystery at this stage. However, if Breath of The Wild is anything to go by, we guess scanning amiibo into the game will result in some item drops such as rupees or hearts to help Link on his adventure. The listing also reveals that the game will have a file size of 7.5gb for those who will be going down the digital path of purchasing the title which comes to Switch on 16th July this year.

Interestingly, the file size compares to 14.4gb for Breath of The Wild and 4.25gb for the Wii U VC version of Skyward Sword.


14 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD will support amiibo, game has 7.5gb file size”

  1. Yeah, I bet the amiibo functionality will also be collectibles as well, like the bugs to make more potent potions or ores for the upgraded tools. Maybe Ganondorf will also unlock Hero Mode right from the get-go instead of having to play through the game once to enable it.

  2. Very stoked to play this again. Call me crazy, but I loved this Zelda game the best. I know people talk bad about it, but I loved the colorful visuals of the game. The story was amazing too with the romantic twist between Link and Zelda. The music too was off the charts. Might be their best efforts in that area.

    The only thing I would they would change about the original is put more things to do in the sky. There was so much dead space there. Could’ve been much more of the little floating islands to explore, do activities on. Other than that it’s a wonderful game. Played through it 4 times now.

  3. My guess for Amiibo functionality is that they’ll add an “extra damage” mode, like with the Ganondorf amiibo on Twilight Princess (or was it Wind Waker?).

    I’m fine with this, even though I don’t think it makes the game all that much harder.

  4. Fi, Demise, Ghirahim, & a red loftwing amiibo please. Screw it! Give me an amiibo of Zelda in her goddess outfit! Before BotW Zelda with her big… assets came along, Zelda in that white dress & gold jewelry was my favorite design. (Before that, my favorite design was the LttP design with the cape. It’d have been nice if Smash gave Zelda the LttP, goddess, & BotW designs as costume options. That said, when I think about it, it’s awesome that Linny (BotW; not to mention the OG Link outfit), Zelly (LttP), & Ganny (OoT) all got designs from 3 separate games in Ultimate.)

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