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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii vs Nintendo Switch comparison video

YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has produced a rather handy comparison video for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii. The Nintendo Switch remaster is 60fps and obviously features HD visuals whereas the Wii version was 30fps and was designed for standard definition televisions. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is due out on 16th July. Check out the comparison video below!

17 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii vs Nintendo Switch comparison video”

  1. Just a remaster … its a shame.
    I loved the game back in these days but not even me would play this with that graphics again.
    Sad… that they didn’t put more effort in it.
    Even that stupid wind waker had a better port on Wii U.

      1. It looks lovely and it looks alright back when it was released but today, nobody would play it like that.
        example, which would you like to play (dosent matter if you like it or not).
        the ps3 hd remaster of shadow of the colossus or the ps4 remake?
        skyward sword should get a remake like shadow of the colossus.

      2. I’d play either, honestly. The Shadow of the Colossus remake looks great, but that doesn’t mean the original PS2 version looks bad or anything. I also think Skyward Sword’s graphics aged quite good, due to the art style.

        1. Agreed. In fact, there are some people who still prefer the GCN version of Wind Waker because they didn’t like the bloom effect added to the HD remake. In the end, just play whichever version you want to play. Games are meant to be enjoyed and if you prefer one version over another, play that one!

      3. @frentz79

        Don’t this to yourself, man. All games get outdated graphically but some always stay fun. You shouldn’t limit yourself just because of how a game looks.

    1. Only thing they changed in the WW remaster was use a modern lighting engine. So gave things auto depth from the flatness it was in its original release.
      If they did tht with SS thought it wuld ruint the sort of watercolor look it had.

  2. I’m gonna have to disagree here. The visual style is great, my favorite looking zelda. Loads of people will play this. It is also a much better looking game than Shadow of the Collosus PS4 to me, even though it is technically inferior. Fidelity and quality are separate in many cases. Focusing on getting to 60fps is the right aim here. Also, I’m kinda glad it’s a smaller port so that more core zelda devs can continue spending their time on BotW2!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, SS is one of my favorite Zelda Game and it surely still makes fun but they could do a lot more than just remaster it. Im really disappointed.

      1. You know I have to agree, while the games art design has held up, and I do see that this team took slight liberties, with particle effects, filling in the black bar lines, and expressions :-) (angry Link looks kool), I would have preferred a remaster as well. A repurposing of the BoTW engine (which was probably repurposed SS engine), to give this game a more explorative feel…sort of what they were going for in the first place, and then add the option to play this version!. That would have been great. Regardless, I’m happy that this game has been chosen for a remaster; it looks great, I’m sure it will run better than the Wii original, it will get the audience it deserves, and I’m definitely getting it.

  3. So basically, it’s just more clear than the Wii version. Did they purposely blur the Wii screenshots? They look terrible. Though sadly, that’s what I’ve noticed about the Wii (Gamecube too). Whenever I look at a Wii game anymore, I can’t believe how blurry they all look. I’m always like “did it really look that bad when I played it all the time”?

      1. Playing the game on Wii U was even more apparent.
        It looks jagged as fuck, compared to other Wii games I played tht look pretty smoothish.
        The game was just not meant to b played through hdmi and hdtv’s. lol
        Im glad its getting this remaster on Switch.

  4. Duke Ellington the 3rd

    Sorry to be a party pooper but this looks like a weak output when compared to Zelda: Skyward Sword 4K Texture Pack Announcement Trailer Someday I hope Nintendo hits the world with a beast of a gaming system. I understand why they feel there is no need to be on par or best the newest consoles but it gets pretty repeatitive when they are constantly playing catch up. The old tech in the wiiu was a big downward spiral for Nintendo when it came to the top non IP games. I don’t think they have to be exactly on par but at least close enough to where people don’t care. Nintendo lucked out with the switch but at some point a dry spell will kick in when it comes to the newest most popular high powered games from other gaming companies. Playing at 720p 30/60 is a joke at this day in age. Some games even go lower. Digital Foundry: Doom Eternal docked is 720p-540p handheld 612p-360p and 30fps. Companies are being praised for pulling off feats such as getting high performance games like Doom or the Witcher on the switch but in reality Nintendo should have a system where this outcome does not exist. If I was running Nintendo the next system – The Nintendo switch pro would be a big update without blowing the whole enchilada. With native 4k still being at the beginning stages in the console world. I would make the switch pro docked 4k upscaled and 1080p -handheld. 12 -16 gigs of RAM. 60 frames. Updated screen and battery. No silly gimmicks. Keep what works and invest all your might and power into killer games. Scour the internet searching for the best modders to do remasters from the ground up of your top games. None of this HD remaster junk. How is it that small groups of modders can create better outputs of Nintendo games when compared to Nintendo. Instead of oppening their doors for potential massive buissness opportunities Nintendo crushes them like bugs. If modders can come up with ouputs that are better then Nintendo for free imagine the outcome you would get with the the best of the best modders working together and getting paid for their work. Nintendo should have teams set up for each category of their top past games without taking away development on new games. We are not talking brand new games we are talking remasters with all the fixes and graphical upgrades to meet a high standard instead of a weak HD upgrade. If Nintendo secretly implemented a stragedy to get the top modders to remaster their games from the ground up. Imagine what the gaming world would look like when these games start getting shadow dropped. No HD higher resolution fixed controls sell for $60 crap. It would be a breath of freshair out of the wild type of crazy. A sight to behold instead of come on mannn not again!? Nintendo has so much potential to use the modding world to their advantage. With a system powerful enough where you can go for the gold instead of bronze. That would be pretty spectacular. Imagine teams secretly building the Metroid series from the ground up and shadow dropping with 1080p graphics/upscaled 4k. 60 frames, gameplay fixes and all the other graphical bells and whistles. Gamers woud go insane! This HD passable output needs to end. All it creates is gamers wishing for more. Stuck constantly thinking hmmm maybe on the next system we will get a true remaster. Nintendo needs to step their game up. Stop crushing the little guys and start using them to your advantage.

  5. To be honest I’m also disappointed. The comparison shown here looked a bit blurry to me. Not sure if it’s Youtubes compression, but I have Skyward Sword Wii footage that shows that the actual Wii graphics are somewhere in between of what you see in the mentioned comparison.

    See for yourself

    1. yea it seemed more like whoever was doing tht comparison grabbed footage from 10yrs ago and not do actual grabbing of modern vids or do their own recording.

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