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Japan: Atlus wishes to know which games you would like to see and which platforms

Atlus has begun its annual survey asking players which games in their expensive back catalogue players would like to see appear and on which hardware. Some of the games mentioned include those from the acclaimed Persona franchise and also the Shin Megami Tensei series. Atlus is currently in the process of celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Persona 5 Central says that the duration of the survey is estimated to take approximately 45 minutes. The Japanese survey runs from 5th March to 8th March.



  1. All games, to all platforms. If your worried abiut Xbox sales. PS, Switch and PC would be plenty worth it.

  2. Not bothering with this crap again. We’ve made our voices clear many times over, Atlus.

    You don’t know your audience well if you need to ask them the same questions a few times every year.

  3. Bring P5R to Switch already, morons. The series hit a huge boom when Joker was announced for Smash, and they squandered it. They’ve been sleeping on a sure-thing for 2 years now. How stupid and deaf are they?

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