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Niantic & Nintendo have revealed an augmented-reality Pikmin mobile app is coming later in 2021

AR technology company Niantic, Inc.(HQ: San Francisco, CA USA; CEO: John Hanke )and Nintendo Co., Ltd. (HQ: Kyoto Minami-ku; Representative Director and President: Shuntaro Furukawa) are partnering together to jointly develop apps that combine Niantic’s real-world AR technology with Nintendo’s beloved characters. The first title the two companies are developing together is based on the Pikmin franchise, with gameplay activities designed to encourage walking and make the activity more enjoyable.

The app is scheduled to launch globally later in 2021, with Niantic as the publisher. The title will also be the first title created by Niantic Tokyo Studio, Niantic’s development studio established in April 2018.

“As we continue to expand our games portfolio, it was a natural next step to team up with Nintendo,” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic. “We’re looking forward to shaping the future of AR together, bringing Nintendo’s beloved game characters to life for mobile game players around the world.”

“Niantic’s AR technology has made it possible for us to experience the world as if Pikmin are secretly living all around us”, said Shigeru Miyamoto, Representative Director, Fellow, Nintendo. “Based on the theme of making walking fun, our mission is to provide people a new experience that’s different from traditional games. We hope that the Pikmin and this app will become a partner in your life.”

For pre-registration, please visit

Source: Nintendo PR

22 thoughts on “Niantic & Nintendo have revealed an augmented-reality Pikmin mobile app is coming later in 2021”

      1. Pikmin 4 WAS NEVER ANNOUNCED!!!! I don’t understand why people still come up with this bullshit. Miyamoto once said in an interview that he was working on a (the) new Pikmin and then Pikmin for 3DS came out. Noone ever said PIkmin 4!

      2. Yeah you probably right. I got to remember for some dumb reason when Nintendo makes a game it take 25 years for the sequel to come out. For some stupid reason after a game is made by thousands of people instead of working on the sequel immediately they just scatter to the 4 winds of the earth. Then 9 years later one person wants to make a sequel to some game but have to look to hire developers which that alone takes years finding . Yet why not just had them work on the sequel the moment the game was finished and to avoid searching for new hires. Had they done that we wouldn’t have to wait nearly 20 years for Metroid.Prime 4.
        I dont know why developers do stupid stuff like that.

        Who wants to bet once Halo comes out the developers are going to go N,E,S,W then the main producers in 2027 will say, “Its time to bring out a new Halo let’s find some devlopers.” That takes about what 2 to 3 years to do.
        This is why sequels are getting further and further apart now. Im Suprised Splatoon 3 is coming to Switch. So obviously they worked immediately on Splatoon 3.

        They already take longer to finish because consoles getting more and more powerful. Yet the consoles still have that same 5 year life cycle. I’d be suprised if Xbox Series X and PS5 got sequels. Look how The Last of Us II debuted at the end of the PS4’s life cycle. Obviously they didnt work on the game after TLOU debuted on PS3.

        I already know once Ratchet and Clank come out the software developers are going back to the countries they came from. Then 4 years later “Let’s make a sequel to Rachet and Clank. But we find developers. ” 1 year later” We decided to put Rachent and Clant on PS6 for better experience ” when the real reason is because they didnt start the game immediately after Rachet and Clank debuted on PS5.
        People paying $500 dollars on PS5 yet only get one Rachet and Clank game.

        I already know I’ll be a senior citizen by the time Metroid Prime 5 comes.

  1. and now we finally reveal the hidden truth that the cute yet deadly creatures are among us, hiding in plain sight. They watch us, study how we function as a species, and when the time is right…. slaughter us with their sheer numbers. They will make the setting of what our planet will become, before a tiny whistle-blowing maniac comes and enslaves them to do his bidding.

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  3. This is so cornball goofy…

    “Making walking more enjoyable”.

    Nintendo and their obsession with this whole QOL gimmick.

    Isn’t part of walking to enjoy nature and your surroundings? Shouldn’t we strive to get away from *needing* Pikmin to make walking more enjoyable?

    “Do YoU GuYs NoT HaVe pHoNeS!?”

    1. It’s true, I go for long walks to escape all kinds of screens and monitors but I see how this can encourage younger people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I just wanna know what does it offer outside what other app have already done in the past.

  4. So how is this different from Pokémon Go? How do they plan to make more exciting with 6 types of pikmin against the 600+ Pokémon found in Pokémon Go?

  5. What? A post-2015 game from Nintendo that isn’t Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, or Fire Emblem?

    Great news for Pikmin fans, even if it is a mobile game. At least it’s acknowledgement of the franchise. Meanwhile us F-Zero fans still beg and plead for something, anything, and remain ignored.

      1. Ummm, because the series is being acknowledged and actually having something new made for it? Yeah, it’s a mobile game but it’s *something* and at least it makes sense for the franchise to do, too.

        You and other fans have it better than us F-Zero, Star Fox, and Custom Robo fans do.

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