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Switch is currently Nintendo’s fourth best-selling console, shifting a total of 84.59 million as of 31st March, 2021

Nintendo has released their yearly financial report which shows that total sales for the Switch family of systems have now reached a incredible 84.59 million as of 31st March, 2021. This means that the console surpassed the lifetime total sales of the iconic Game Boy Advance, which sold a total of 81.5 million. The figures have shown that the Kyoto-based company has sold 28.83 million Switch units just over the last year. As Nintendo Life mentions, the Switch is now Nintendo’s fourth best-selling console, behind the Wii (101.6 million), Game Boy (118.7 million), and DS (154 million). Nintendo has said that they are targeting a conservative 25.5 million Switch sales for the next year, presumably due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. I know this would never happen. But can we just entertain the idea here that it might overtake PS2.
    Its a done deal with will overtake the Wii, well impressed

  2. well if switch pro is really pro and its sales will count towards total regular switch sales.. I think those combined will make it the best selling console in nintendo’s history if not the best selling console ever!

    1. Indeed, if this happens remember to tell everyone that I was the first one to bring this.

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