My Nintendo: A New Pokemon Snap zipper case set reward has arrived

On occasion, Nintendo adds some more rewards to their My Nintendo site. Nintendo’s recent additions have been themed on New Pokemon Snap, Nintendo’s latest game release, and another piece of the year-long celebrations of the Pokemon franchise’s anniversary. Well, Nintendo has announced another new reward earlier today, a New Pokemon Snap zipper case set.

You can get the entire zipper case set on the My Nintendo site, but make sure you have the points to redeem it. You’ll need 500 My Nintendo Platinum Points to do so. Nintendo tweeted the news on their official Twitter, so we’ve included the tweet for you down below. If you want to, feel free to check it out.


  1. last time I redeemed a reward from them, I still had to pay over $10 in shipping. A total scam, these rewards are.

    1. I here you, but it’s all about that coin set (once I get enough points before stock runs out :( ).

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