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“Xbox SmartGlass Makes Wii U Irrelevant”

Xbox SmartGlass was first rumored to make an appearance at E3 this week but has now been revealed to the public. A couple days ago, 14U revealed their thoughts on the new feature and said that Xbox SmartGlass will eventually kill the Wii U. Now a video game journalist from Pocket-lint, Stuart Miles, thinks that the Wii U is irrelevant because of the fact that Xbox SmartGlass exists.

“Microsoft has revealed the launch of Smart Glass for Xbox 360 that makes the Wii U almost irrelevant.

Revealing the new feature at the company’s press conference to kick off the E3 gaming convention, the company announced that from this Christmas gamers will be able to pair Windows 8 powered tablets and PCs, as well as, Phones with the console to watch movies, play games, and use it as a remote control.”

317 thoughts on ““Xbox SmartGlass Makes Wii U Irrelevant””

    1. A joke that was executed better than the GamePad and supports any tablet, any TV.

      And a current generation system no less.

        1. Beats buying a $400 turd with an incredibly cheap and stupid version that can only be used within your house.


          Oh and by the way, it’s -any- tablet, you can find tabs for like $99, js.

          1. Oh and mobile phones too, which any “normal” human should have. But I forgot Nintendo fanboys only have their Wii toys and DS and stuff.

            1. Smart phones basically just have games on the level of flash games, they’re not bad but I don’t like them.
              I have a practical phone, not an overpriced toy.

              1. That has absolutely nothing to do with the point I just made. I don’t even know what you hoped to accomplish in posting this either.

                1. Like you’re making anymore sense. Damn fanboy, what is your goal of even being on this site? Do you get off on this?

                2. Cry all you want, your just a toy to any company you buy their products from.Nintendo actually cares,so does Sony,but I can’t deal with Microsoft.Do you really think your opinions will make Nintendo wimp out,no.They’re just going to be going to the bank with their pockets full of money.Have a very nice day,I will pray for those who hate me.:)

                  1. Nintendo cares? Is that why they treat their gamers like little children and tell them what’s best for them and force it onto them?

                    Nintendo does not care, they just want your money while you get a bunch of shit casual games and equally shitty third party support. =P

                    1. If Nintendo didn’t care then why’d they support the Wii with so many 1st/2nd party games, the most from any prior Nintendo system since the SNES?

                    2. you are forgetting Japanese standards are difference. the family friendly approach gets then some major brownie points with their typical customer

                3. Ah yes, and as is usually the case with non-packed-in peripherals, support will be…non-existent.

                  Almost *zero* games will actually *use* the tablet for any sort of functionality–why would they, they’d have to build in support for something a vanishing minority of their usebase would utilize?

                  Go back to your bridge, troll, your “points” don’t exist because they are incredibly ignorant and belie a complete lack of grasp of the gaming market since time immemorial–just like this “game journalist.”

                  Your comments are, in fact, so incredibly stupid, that I find it strange that you are able to breathe without direction machine intervention–perhaps via MS SmartGlass.

              1. I find it ironic they always pull the no life card, yet Nintendo fans like you are some of the most deprived and socially awkward gamers out there.

                MS cares about their gamers, hence Nike partnership and ESPN to build up a physical and social experience while still being connected to Xbox, something Nintendo will never do. Therefore their gamers will never be greasy fatasses in Mario underwear.

                Actually I guess Nintendo -sorta- does, with the 3DS play coins, *unreleased* vitality sensor and all that, but those are hardly meaningful to you in the long run.

                1. He’s saying you have no life because you’re trying to convince Nintendo fans that Nintendo is “crap” instead of doing something productive with your life. You’re wasting your words here and making yourself look like a total idiot, that’s why.
                  And “MS cares about their gamers”? So that’s why they automatically set your Gold membership to automatically renew in hopes that you’ll forget…

                2. Wow. A bit sad resorting to general insults so early.
                  ‘MS cares about their gamers, hence Nike partnership’

                  Seriously? Microsoft only jumped aboard the idea of movement for controls because of Nintendo. If it wasn’t for the Wii, then the Kinect wouldn’t be around. Anyway, quite ironic for an Xbox fan to mention health – the Xbox requires very little athletic ability to use. All you do is press buttons and push a stick around.

                3. They care about the gamers? They why in the FUCK aren’t they announcing Killer Instinct 3? Yeah, because they don’t give a fuck.

                  1. Or, because Rare sucks and are a shadow of their former selves.

                    And because frankly, only a minority is demanding that game.

                    1. Really,cause Rare was owned by Nintendo until they sold it to Microsoft and thats when it went downhill.

                4. What about the Miiverse that was just announced, the whole point of it is to be social and I think that’s one of the big pushes for the Wii U. Also I find it very odd how you are characterizing peoples personalities based on what console they prefer… Also The Nike partnership is very similar to what the Wii Fit does and I think it is as meaningful in the long run to that Nike game and the Wii Fit technology is also going to be on Wii U so it’s not like they’re abandoning it.

            2. I have always wondered something. Why the fu*k do you people go on this website if you are not a Nintendo fan. I don’t spend my time on the mtv forums just for sh*ts and giggles

            3. I find it so intriguing when people like you come to this site for the sole purpose of blasting others and spreading your ignorance and spite to others. This site is for people who enjoy Nintendo. It’s called mynintendonews for a reason and yet you vultures come swooping in acting like you make a lick a sense when all you do is make yourselves look absolutely desperate and pathetic.

              That being said this is obviously MS attempting to bring what the Wii U is bringing to audiences through tablet devices in an attempt to stay relevant with Nintendo, same way they did with kinect (motion control). That’s great and all but unlike every single tablet and phone out there, the Wii U controller has button input which makes all the difference when it comes to gaming. That’s not to say that this is a bad idea or anything.

              While this will work, it won’t see the same popularity and accessibility as the Wii U controller when it comes to gaming, both casual and hardcore.

              Also, Stuart Miles is some stupid fucktard that obviously hasn’t seen the Wii U controller or just doesn’t know anything about gaming in general.

          2. But you’re not going to be able to stream gameplay at any reasonable speed and the connection will eat at you internet speed… big time. unless of course it requires blutooth, which not all smart devices have.

            1. Did you watch the conference at all? They did exactly that, lmfao.

              Too bad I don’t have an Xbox for myself, this would go great with my new Galaxy SIII.

              1. I have an Xbox and I have zero interest in this SmartGlass rubbish, but that’s just me.

                The Microsoft Conference was a hot mess overall but I am definitely gonna get Halo 4. Splinter Cell I will get on 360 only if not released on Wiiu. Tomb Raider and RE6 look like interactive movies filled with limited control and simple gameplay mechanics so those two are still up in the air with me.

              2. …uh… no they didn’t. They did not stream gameplay on to ANY device. A device simply pulled up information about something in the game and that information most likely came from the internet.

                1. You are under the -delusion- that the streaming here will be weaker. But the only factor determining such is your device and internet, nothing else.

                  1. SO that means that you need a very good tablet priced over 200 or 300 if we are going at the cheapest way. Totally ridiculous to say this at this time. Let’s just wait Nintendo Press Conference. Nintendo is the last one… Best for last…

          3. With -any- tablet, or -anyWindows8powered- tablet? I think it’s the latter, from reading the quote.
            With this in mind, and knowing Microsoft (which I like btw, so stay chill), there shouldn’t be any Windows 8 powered for like $99, as you say.

            1. No, they also mentioned any phone. They just want to place an emphasis on their own OS for obvious marketing reasons.

              You can use this on stuff like iPhones, other Android devices, etc. That’s what I call open-minded on MS’ part.

              1. Thats actually what you do when your own phone has almost no share of the market, because its getting its ass handed to it by Apple,Android and Blackberry

      1. The concept would work had the general public more money. People who’ve got tablets don’t usually get consoles and viceversa, forcing people to buy both is really optimistic, considering a tablet+xbox360+games+smartglass will probably be well over 1,250$.
        WiiU is a GAMING system, it’ll go for around $300, have more power, better functionality, Nintendo games, etc. Providing affordable entertainment without a significant quality drop.
        I’m not yet saying it’s better, but every single time Nintendo tries something new it:
        1. Gets immediately copied (What’s the point of patents & ©?)
        2. Doesn’t have even 50% the success on other consoles. (Move? Kinect? Vita?)

        1. The tablet market is selling like wildfire and if you lack a phone, chances are you must be severely deprived.

          This works with any of those, any. Any device can remotely control your 360 anywhere and seamlessly. Can Wii U do this? No. It’s completely confined within your house and uses local wi-fi to stream. It’s already beaten at its function.

          And affordable? Wii U isn’t going to be cheap and powerful, those words don’t exist together. I expect $350-$400, and since
          Also 1,250? 67 million people own 360s, so scratch a metric chunk of the industry. There are 20 million+ Kinect owners and counting. Virtually everybody has a phone. Hundreds of millions have tablets. So this is an incredibly moot point.

          And Wii U affordable?

          Don’t expect that thing to retail any less than $350. Sad and simple truth. That’s the price of existing consoles, so I hope people know not to expect any less. Or chances are that just proves it’s a weak device in terms of hardware.

          1. So because I go to NC State University, have a job, work my butt off, and don’t have a smartphone I’m severely deprived? Lol.

            1. Smartphones have practically become standard. Owning a dumbphone is considerably less beneficial when you miss out on social media and trinkets the latter will never be able to perform.

              So yeah, you’re deprived bro. You can find smartphones for like $120 OFF-CONTRACT.

              1. The benefit of owning a $120 smartphone over a $20 normal phone is marginal as the whole point of a phone is to phone people. There’s other, more specialised, devices to fill in EVERY other tiny use that a smartphone has – and in a much more desirable way. Anyway, in this day and age, money is becoming more and more important, and a Smartphone with limited use is just pointless now.

                1. You’ll regret owning a dumbphone when the time comes you need a proper internet device but that phone can’t even do that.

                  Smartphones are standard, like it or not. Dumbphones are just that, obsolete things of the past with very little use than just a phone.

                  1. what are you a got damn salesmen or something get the hell out we dont want to buy a xbox or a fuckin smart phone!

          2. However, you’re forgetting an interesting fact. The phone/tablet must have Windows 8. Not all tablets/phones have Windows 8.

              1. PS: There is no such thing as a “Windows 8 Phone” so yeah…I think they’d be more specific if it was exclusive devices. Which clearly doesn’t seem to be the case.

              2. I didn’t read it wrong, I heard it wrong. I could have sworn they said Windows Phones/tablets, lol.

                Thanks for the info.

          3. What would be the point of controlling your console from outside the house? Bells and whistles, I say. Plus, with tablet phone, you have to pay an expensive monthly plan, which a lot of people can’t afford/aren’t bothered to pay that much for the product.

              1. Because they make it very clear it’s just a controller and not something that streams from any internet access point.

              2. Haha yeah instead, the wii u uses a Bluetoothconnection between the console and tablet to stream info. That’s even more limited! If it was wi-fi, I control it and play games from any internet connection.

            1. …You seriously can’t see the point? Seriously?

              You must like sitting in front of your console 24/7, I guess. If you can remotely control your console ANYWHERE, you’d effectively never be missing out on a thing.

              And “expensive” monthly plan? Are you a jobless kid or something? o_O

              You think the hundreds of millions (perhaps billions) of smartphone owners are hurting from plans like you’re suggesting????

                    1. Actually you can considering smartglass can stream everything to your phone, tablet or PC anywhere. No TV required.

                      Keep trying, moron.

          4. The point is that this is a cheap attempt at bringing something to market close to the Wii U. It is not an integrated system, most consumers will not own it, and most developers won’t care to take advantage of it. It really isn’t the same thing as an integrated second screen, it’s more like gameboy/gamecube, ps3/vita, ect… and it will be just about as successful, Microsoft should have already known that.

            1. How can developers not take advantage of this?

              You don’t seem to get that gameplay isn’t the point here, but the ability to have your system remotely controlled by the two (or three?) most common devices carried on consumers. This isn’t some HD Nintendo DS with gimmicky map functions, fool.

              1. Gaming is full of undeveloped or under utilized gaming concepts. The idea is cool with the use of mobile phones/tablets but I don’t think this is anything revolutionary like you are promoting.

              2. Gameplay is the point for gamers. No one else will really care to remote control an xBox, but nonetheless what amazing remote control features are you hoping for? Not that it makes a difference but you are also ignoring the fact that the most popular portable devices are not supported, iOS and Android.

              3. Wow this guy is really a pathetic loser. He must really believe that his OPINIONS and insults are persuasive. Buddy, have fun with your smart glass. I literally tossed my 360 after it had the 3 rings of death for the second time after having already been repaired by Microsoft. I see the kinect as a lame attempt at copying wii but being just different enough to convince fanboys like you that, no, it’s original. I thought ignorance such as yours was reserved for Sony fanboys. Get a life!

          5. All u people that think this tek makes wii u are irrelevant r idiots and make me laugh it doesn’t support all features wii u will be capable of first of all and all people do not have tablets and those 99 tabs u all keep talking about r junk wont even be able to run program with any smoothness and wii u doesn’t conecct with wi-fi its
            bluetooth fools other thing micro cant gs

            1. Cont….micro cant guarantee 1to1 adoption tate of console to tab so developers will know this and most will not support feature cuase either to lazy to implement or will not implement cuase extra development cost. Were as wii u will guarantee developers 1to1 tab syatem ratio guarantee

          6. Let me remind you this only works with Windows-Operated Phones and Tablets. The tablet market is roughly 70% Apple-taken, and the regular useful tablet is around 300$. The same happens with the Smartphone industry, it’s mostly iOS and Android operated, and those formats aren’t supported by the Xbox SmartGlass application.
            The WiiU can be cheap and powerful, we don’t know that yet, remember the profit these companies make rarely is gained because of the console, but with the games, Nintendo can therefore cut the WiiU price accordingly, possibly to around 300-350$, which, for a better hardware piece than Xbox 360 and PS3 (They started, at least in Spain, for about 500€), is more than reasonable (as it includes the Tablet controller).
            I would also like to know why do you need such ridiculous functions no-one even uses, they’re supposed to be gaming devices. (Vita was supposed to be killing 3DS for example).
            18 million Kinect devices have been sold, out of which around 9 million were sold WITH the console, check the Kinect software games sold, they’re much much less than you would think.
            Virtually everybody has a phone, just not a Windows phone. Virtually everybody ahs a tablet, just not a Windows tablet.

            I’m not really a fanboy of anything, but I’m getting quite tired of seeing a huge lack of originality from the ‘gaming giants’, copying everything. Get something new out, it’s been decades since Sony or Microsoft came up with something.

            Oh, and they also need to get games specifically made for this. Which virtually no developer is gonna do.
            This’ll die in about 5 minutes, just like iPhone’s Siri, it gets old real fast.

            1. It. Is. Not. Exclusive. To. Those. Devices.

              I’m not even replying to all of this, because I’ve already crushed your opening post that you clearly didn’t research.

              1. I feel so amused by you thinking that you’ve crushed our posts when we’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can fault Microsoft on.

              2. If it isn’t I must have misunderstood the news on it, it really doesn’t change much. I assure you 1 in 100 will use it, if not 1 in 1,000.
                Many casual Xbox gamers won’t even know how to use it, and many casual Xbox gamers outside the US/UK do not have that marvelous Phone+Tablet+Console combo, and that’s what you’re economically overlooking.
                You did not crush any of my earlier post, because you fail to see the point: this. will. not. appeal. to the masses.
                It will be boring, repetitive, optional, will be of little to no relevant use, and directly won’t be used for any fan-loved franchise or game.

                Please take a wider perspective when commenting on these things, the markets are very complex. Again I say, everybody thought Vita would kill the 3DS for example. It didn’t. Why, when all the gaming polls, etc, were saying the opposite? well it’s simple, the gaming market is much much more than a couple of DEDICATED websites.

                1. People also said Kinect wouldn’t appeal to the masses.

                  Look what happened; about 20 million units sold since its launch.
                  Microsoft will market the utter shit out of this and you can assure they’ll get what they want. You must not know this company’s determination.

              3. Also if u would have reasearched ur info u would c nintendo will have smart phone app for wiiu too.

              1. Aeolus, you’re terrible at researching things. The fact that you just stated ANY tablet/smartphone will be support just makes you completely unreliable.

                “Microsoft is also introducing Internet Explorer for the TV. SmartGlass will work with new Windows 8 tablets and PCs later this year.”

                Oh, Windows 8 only. Who knew…Oh wait, everyone who actually paid attention to the E3 conference.

          7. Wii U for your information can be sold at a reasonable price and still function quite very nice so keep your crappy MS Spamware and STFU

      2. It would have – if they announced any damn games for it?!
        But they didn’t. God damnit Microsoft’s conference was a joke and I had so high hopes for it when they said they would spend less time on Kinect than last year. The best part was the South Park guys.
        The SmartGlass thing is a missed opportunity – right now it is just a glorified mouse remote.

      3. you do realize that this thing streams to the xbox or computer right

        and not the other way right

        because they’re getting you to buy software to stream stream stuff from PORTABLE devices to a tv or computer

        that you could ALREADY PLAY THE MEDIA ON

        Also it’s not a gaming device but what else would you expect from m$.

      4. First and foremost Aeolus I’ve read all your comments and you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Smart Glass does not stream game content. Its a web based solution similar to (but not as advanced as) apple air play. What I mean by this is that when or whilst you watch a video on a smart glass mobile, you continue where you left off on another smart glass device that is connected to the net (without net access it doesn’t work). There is no streaming. Secondly, no other device using smart glass can play xbox games or act as an xbox controller (for obvious reason), all they can do is provide additional/supporting information. For example: when watching a ESPN video on xbox, the smart glass mobile (when logged in to the net) can provide additional side note or film. If you play games it will work like the COD Elite App where changes on your phone will impact the game from a very low end way. This is not the same as playing games on the WiiU gamepad which is that actual controller for the game. Remote gaming outside of the cloud will never catch on as it would require the user having to leave their game system running whilst they are out of the house.
        Microsoft and a lll big corporations are trying to reduce the carbon footprint not encourage their users to increase it.
        Last but not least, as everyone here has said previously F@£k off this site if you don’t like nintendo products as you are completely retarded.

      5. Oi fucktard, I find it funny how you’re supporting a rip off. You heard me, Smart Glass is a Wii U rip off. Even if it is “better”, its still a rip off and goes to show that Microsoft cant think for shit of originality. they also ripped off Sony’s EyeToy with its shitty Kinect thing. You shoodnt b here anyway, this a Nintendo site, so fuck off cunt.

      6. Yeah, and you can switch your Game from your xbox to your tablet… oh no… wait… you cant, all you can do it use it as a menu navigation. which means youll be using 2 controllers.
        1) your xbox to play the game
        2) Your tablet/phone to choose menu options.
        How much battery is this gonna eat through? An iphone 4 lasts about 4 hours whilst playing little flash games, so prepare to play with your smartglass whilst being plugged in to the wall.

        1. Non-Specific Action Figure

          oh boy…..oH boy :EpicnessFacepalm: Your one of the cancer on this world.

          Together Wii U.

    2. I get the feeling, that this is similar to Sony “Motion” controller. Basically a “We can do that too!” kind of thing. But the difference between the Wii U tablet and the Microsoft “Smart glass” is that with Microsoft’s offering, you have to contend with 2 different devices, whereas Nintendo’s offering it’s all in one. I’m going to wait until there are some actual hands-on reviews, and comparasons before I make final judgement. But if Microsoft is going to stream “Game info” to the tablet, then that is going to mean that any of the pre-360 S consoles (or any 360 w/o built in WiFi) will require a wireless network adapter. Plus you’ll have the issue of network lag, as 802.11g is not the best thing suited to streaming HD content. Plus the software for the tablet/phones will need to be written so that it takes advantage of the devices’ native resolution, and isn’t a “one shop fits all” type of app.

      1. I completely agree and just want to add two things that everyone here seems to be completely forgetting. First, developers for games (this is a game console. games are the number 1 priority) won’t make these features compulsory, because if they do then the majority of people in the world won’t be able to access them. Most people do not have tablets. However, with the Wii U ALL the people who’ve bought the console have access to the tablet, so developers will make compulsory features that will be necessary to the gameplay and will not just be gimmicks.
        Second, how are you supposed to play a game with your controller and use a tablet at the same time. The Wii U’s controller has a touchscreen and buttons and is the tablet, basically. This is not the case with Smartglass. Only in the case where you can play the game with the tablet as a controller would this actually work. But even then. No analog sticks or buttons??

    3. why is it , that SONY and Microsoft want to kill Nintendo as a business? I don’t think Nintendo goes to E3 hoping to ruin and bring down both Sony/ copying there idea’s…

      Sony/Micro probably dosen’t need to hire AN INNOVATOR. There idea is genius! Wait till Nintendo comes out with an idea..steal it/ make it better…..then release it to the public like there the best thing since aids.

      1. Non-Specific Action Figure

        Now you fail in every word you just said and the end killed me you man have a bad life, (i smell the fear on your tears rest in peace while your here) By Non-Specific Action Figure.

        Together Wii U.

        1. zax is on bath salts

          go copy n paste a pic from a wii u video and pick up a fake persona..IM REAL and i can smell your blood….and you my foe have aids..GAMEOVER!!!

    4. why is it , that SONY and Microsoft want to kill Nintendo as a business? I don’t think Nintendo goes to E3 hoping to ruin and bring down both Sony/ copying there idea’s…

      Sony/Micro probably dosen’t need to hire AN INNOVATOR. There idea is genius! Wait till Nintendo comes out with an idea..steal it/ make it better…..then release it to the public like there the best thing since aids.

      1. You must be high! smart glass is touch screen only and only works with windows 8 powered device so end of debate. wiiu is all-in-1 touch/button/integrated/better online capabilities/social/better hardware… gameover.

    5. LOL… the only thing irrelevant is his journalistic integrity. Wii U is the complete package. For the implementation of Smart Glass to work, the user will have already own or will have to own technology (tablets etc) that each cost hundreds of dollars.

    6. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

      so sad that so many people wasted their time arguing on this post when obviously no one is going to win

    7. I can’t believe this whole argument spanning half the page all came from one person saying “what a joke”. And the comment makes perfect sense – they just totally ripped off Nintendo the same way Sony did with the PS Move, only worse, taking out the whole point of the Wii U – fixing the issue of “Alone Together” and replacing it with cheap, non-unique stuff, like watching movies.

    1. Answer: No

      Not many people are going to have Table PCs or fancy new smartphones, this concept is going to die more quicker than the Dreamcast.

      Wii U will still be the top dog for this year’s E3

      1. Plus the Wii U game pad still does more. Sure this feature lets you access info on your tablet and smart phone. But the U game pad could do all that too depending on the game. Plus the Miiverse will be accessible on multiple devices and the game pad has what those microsoft tablets don’t, actually controller buttons and control sticks. To say this make the Wii U irrelevant is a joke that was probably written by a Microsoft fan boy

      2. I am not interested at all in the smartglass. I have a 360 but still see no point. If I want to use a laptop or tablet then I’ll turn it on myself. What I don’t understand is how you can use a phone to play a game. If anybody could clarify go ahead

          1. So how can they say we can play games with a phone? I see no point in it. Again I have a 360 so I’m not a nintendo fanboy. The iPad is the best selling tablet right now so I wonder how many with windows have bee sold? I woul rather turn something on myself then have to use something else to turn something else on. When I want to use my laptop or phone they’re on my room so I just push the power button. I don’t want a whole new interface just to use devices I have. I’m not really excited about it

            1. You hit the nail in the head. WIndows tablets are not even close to the blackberry playbook. Which is the lowest selling tablet out there. The king of the tablet world is the Ipad and then way below second place everything else.

  1. I’ve seen the conference… its just as bad as last year’s conference.

    Wii U is going to wipe the floor with this, I don’t think a lot of people are going to buy into this after what happened with the Kinect and besides… they are ripping off Nintendo more than they did with Sony.

  2. Can see where he’s coming from, but the mere fact the Wii U Controller will be built for the purpose of interacting with the Wii U, whilst any XBox dev will have to make software compatible with multiple devices, is enough to mean it will not become irrelevant. Furthermore, people won’t see the Wii U as irrelevant because of this, if anything they’ll just see smart glass and the Wii U as two different options.

    1. This is the reason why Android has issues when it comes to app makers. You have to make a game for 100 plus devices and not all will work right. This is the future I see for the smart glass. Also they forget not everybody has the same internet speed or data amount. So only the rich will thrive and it will become a niche and die slowly..”heres looking at you Sony move”

  3. Guess what, Microsoft? I believe they already have something like that coming out… If my memory serves correctly, they showed it off last year, revealed more information yesterday… It was like Achoo or something? Oh yeah… Wii U.

    1. Nintendo is using ideas of other companies as well. There’s nothing to bitch about. That’s what it all is about. Using ideas of others to improve them and make something better out of it. Not saying that Microsoft did better with their SmartGlass than Nintendo with their GamePad. Not yet, at least. There’s not enough information about either to make such a statement yet.

    1. I won’t bother to write something else for everyone, so I’ll just copy-paste my comment:
      Nintendo is using ideas of other companies as well. There’s nothing to bitch about. That’s what it all is about. Using ideas of others to improve them and make something better out of it. Not saying that Microsoft did better with their SmartGlass than Nintendo with their GamePad. Not yet, at least. There’s not enough information about either to make such a statement yet.

      1. Nintendo is NOT copying microsoft and sony: big N announced wiiu a year ago, while microsoft was still concentrated on kinect (that was a copy of wii). So the other companies are copying nintendo!

        1. He didn’t say Nintendo copied Sony or Microsoft, get some reading comprehension. He’s saying the industry runs on people taking ideas and developing them? Miis were not a new concept. Motion Control was not a new concept (Sony had a prototype motion controller back in 2004, I’m sure the history of the technology goes back even further), Tablet technology is not a new concept (and if sticking some analog sticks and buttons to the side of it is considered innovation, we live in some very sad times indeed…)

          And I remember someone saying this before on here: If you’re paying a couple hundred bucks of your hard-earned money for a console, is “these guys did it first” really what goes through your mind? Really? No, it’s what has the games you like. It has nothing to do with whoever is ripping off someone else.

          1. And before someone brings up the Power Glove, that used an ultra sonic transmitter. It was not ‘motion gaming’, not even technically.

          2. *She
            And thank you for showing me that people with common sense actually do still exist on this page.

        2. I wasn’t talking about the WiiU only, I was talking about the gaming industry in general. Anyway…
          First of all, I wouldn’t call using the idea of others and making something better out of it “copying”.
          And yes, Nintendo is indeed “copying” other companies as well. Even if you refuse to accept it, Nintendo does use other companies ideas. Deal with it.

    1. I won’t bother to write something else for everyone, so I’ll just copy-paste my comment:
      Nintendo is using ideas of other companies as well. There’s nothing to bitch about. That’s what it all is about. Using ideas of others to improve them and make something better out of it. Not saying that Microsoft did better with their SmartGlass than Nintendo with their GamePad. Not yet, at least. There’s not enough information about either to make such a statement yet.

  4. if xbox had games and its for the 360 which is irrelevant itself. some peopld just have down syndrome

  5. I saw the conference, and I think it’s an interesting thing, but not one that can “make the Wii U irrelevant.” It looks more like linking multiple devices together; Wii U seems more like a complete gaming experience and social integration. Neither one makes the other look “irrelevant.”

  6. honestly, the Wii U GamePad is much better than a Windows Tablet, especially for console gaming.
    Without external buttons and control sticks, you can only use it as a touch screen, which isn’t even half of what the Wii U will be able to do.

    Seriosuly, this is a failing attempt to make the Wii U seem irrelevant, but actually it’s digging their own grave.
    I suspect the Windows tablets to sell for a larger amount than the Wii U is going to cost.

    1. I wonder what the retort will be if somebody actually adds physical controls to tablets.

      Right nothing…please spout more beaten to death arguments for a device that doesn’t even remotely compare to a nearly full blown computer device.

        1. If it isn’t a computer device, then what the flying fuck is a tablet you retarded little twat?

          Are you really THIS stupid?

          1. Are YOU this stupid? It can’t even do half the things my laptop can do, dumb-ass. Do you even OWN a laptop or a PC or a Mac? It may replicate somethings and do things of it’s own, but it’ll never do half the things a PC, laptop, or Mac will ever do.

          2. Serious question Aelous, why do you come here? Is your life really that boring that you have to come to this website that has NO INFORMATION THAT YOU CARE FOR, and troll its readers?

            Some of your arguments have facts in them, but everything else is just intentional logiacal falacies.

            Don’t you have something better to do?

          3. Assholeus, you do realize what a pathetic fanboy loser you are, correct? You must have the intelligence of a squirrel. Is it okay if I think of you as a squirrel? Loser

      1. Haahaa dude you all your doing is spitting venom for what. Were getting a wii u and no matter how much you try to rip nintendo your mistaken. You say that the x box is like a computer then why release a new system at all. Wii u isn’t out but we know it’s going to be ripped off if you need proof look at the microsoft press event. Oh by the way you haven’t seen a wii u game yet so stop with the rediculousness. get in or get out.

    1. Totally agree. They mostly talk about everything but games. They just throw to us some tv/music/sports news…

  7. Is it just me or is Nintendo the Ron Paul of video games? Obviously better than the rest but the media throws it aside like it’s irrelevant. Wii U 2012!

  8. Xbox glass thing is an app for phones and tablets. It is not a native integration of all of those devices. It is very different from what Nintendo is doing.

  9. How many people will have tablets and an Xbox 360? You get the tablet, sorry, GamePad, with the Wii U meaning it is a necessity whereas this Smart Glass thing is an option. Microsoft have had a year to come up with something to beat Wii U and this is what they’ve got? It smacks of an idea at 4:55 on a Friday evening.

  10. So instead of buying a console I don’t have to achieve multi-screen functionality, it’s better for me to buy a console, tablet, AND phone I don’t have to achieve multi-screen funtionality. Perfectly reasonable…

  11. Not irrelevant, just a bit ripped off. I can see it being one of these ‘better with Kinect’ type things where the occasional developer will use it. Wii U will probably use it much better as that’s what it’s design is built for.

    1. I know right they needs usher for e3??? How fucking desperate were they?? Even with that loser the conference sucked major ballsacks

    2. You got it all wrong… Microsoft ruined Usher’s concert :/ seriously, what was the point of having Usher there in the first place

    3. Nope. I loved Halo 4. I’m a huge fan of the franchise, as well as Nintendo franchises. Because I’m not a single-console fanboy twat who can’t acknowledge good games on more than 1 console/platform.

        1. Oh, you mean like Nintendo’s ever worse showing today?

          MS’s isnt looking that bad now is it? At least there were a couple of “Wow!” games for Microsoft.

          So disappointed in Nintendo. I was so amped. But it sucked the big one. Especially the end; we were all waiting for that “one last thing” moment to reveal a big game or something, and then… lame looking fireworks?! Are you kidding me?

      1. ….man, just because one good game was shown doesn’t mean I need to like the conference. Yes, Halo 4 looked amazing and I want to play it. But what else was there? South Park. That’s two games in the entire conference that I feel like playing. That’s it. The rest of it was talking about other stuff that didn’t even involve games. Also….I kinda own an Xbox so the whole “Single-console fanboy twat Yahtzee thing” doesn’t really apply. I could just tell how awful their press conference was.

  12. How many people that have tablet or smartphones has a Windows or Android one? Wa sthinking that everyine in that conference would be reporting on iPads. :)

    But that was a bad conference

  13. Smartglass isn’t competing against nintendo. It’s competing against Apple and besides Wii U’s idea is a hell of a lot better than whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

    1. I dont think Sony is copy Ninty ,, they are gonna stick with its tradition cause we know Smartglass is gonna suck because Gamepad owns it ,, no doubt MS copied Ninty again ,,

      1. Actually, the south park game was the only think that makes me feel like… ummm I wish it’d come to wii u… the rest of the microsot conference was quite shitty

          1. You mean the game where Master Chief and Cortana got standed in space and came back as a Metroid game? Even the enemies look like Space Pirates.

  14. Irrelevant? Hardly, considering most of the world’s population who own tablet are ipad users. Who is really going to constantly use their phone to check stats if they are submerged in a game? Stupid

  15. I think it only provides useful information as well as touchscreen gameplay during games, but I don’t see it as more dynamically interactive than Wii U’s gamepad. The Smartglass only seems to facilitate ways of interacting with the TV and Xbox, but it doesn’t seem to interact with the games in a more literal, dynamic fashion.

  16. Aww man I hate G4! They already had the conference and so I guess there not showing it where I live until 3. What the hell G4?!

  17. Lol Microsoft showed today just how bad a conference can be.

    Spent more time talking about dumb subs than actual games.

  18. Yeah cause I wanna watch a movie or tv show and wanna read all the info on a pad instead of watch in a movie. I am also addicted to movies and have to watch them while I’m driving and at work then when I get home.

  19. Wait a minute… So every time I want to pick a play in madden I have to put down the controller… pick my play on the tablet then go back to the controller :0 Or is it all in one like Wii U Gamepad?

  20. Microsoft fails to become both the Nintendo’s Wii U Game Pad and Apple’s iPad. Overall, Xbox’s press conference is dead last… AGAIN!!!!!!!

  21. Anyone who thinks this has any potential to compete with Wii U is just an immature fanboy. I can see the uniqueness and positives to this service, but it’s not even close to the same thing Wii U will offer, you can hardly even compare the two. Wii U’s controller is a CONTROLLER, not an “extra” experience tacked on, it’s THE experience. Just like Kinect, this is just another “different” way to use your Xbox, it hardly qualifies as ground breaking or something that will sell Xbox 360’s.

    1. They’re both conceptually gimmicky as fuck, get over it. We have no idea how either company will end up using the hardware in the end.

    2. It really isn’t about selling XBoxes so much as it is about if it will keep people from buying Wii Us. The general question is whether an Xbox with Smart Glass good enough?

      My guess it that the people on this blog will buy the system either way. What about everyone else? Do you think the core gamers are going to jump ship? What about the casual crowd? Will they see a used XBox and their current iPhone as cheaper and just as good as some expensive new gadget?

  22. Well this guy doesn’t quite understand that the Xbox is the only Microsoft gaming system, so you’ll either be looking at your achievements on the go (fart sound) or finishing that movie you started watching on a different device (HOLY CRAP! INNOVATION!).
    Nintendo is connecting the Wii U and the 3DS, which have completely different lineups and functions (as opposed tot eh Vita, or “pocket PS3”). Plus, it’s Nintendo, so it’ll have things only Nintendo could. And if that just means pictures of our favorite Nintendo characters, that’s more than anybody else could offer.

  23. God that was a horrible conference but I’m not going to be a fanboy the only decent thing I saw was halo 4 which reminded me of metroid

    1. It’s really strange hearing people comparing Halo 4 to Metroid now – you’re not the only one I’ve seen saying that. I remember back when Metroid Prime (the first one, on the GC) was released people were saying it was like Halo lol

      I think the industry is just kinda fueled on everyone (and I do mean *everyone*) viciously copying each other.

  24. Saw the conference, albeit a little late. I don’t think we have anything to worry about. All I’ve seen it used for was web browsing while using your phone to control it. Besides, it needs windows 8, and thats a small group of people. And I don’t think anyone would want to use their PC with their xbox. I really wish competitors would stop trying to copy Nintendo. Just stick with what you do best Microsoft, rein in all the CoD tards, and stay away from “gimmicky” controls. That’s why you have fans in the first place. /end rant.

    1. Then you missed quite a bit. It supports Android, iOS, and Windows Tablets and smart phones, plus they showed demos of it being used in Madden to pick plays as well as Halo to give maps and chat with friends to seamlessly start a multiplayer session in-game. They also had some things about special features in videos like pushing it between devices and showing an interactive map during Game of Thrones.

  25. Wii U has buttons, touchscreen, camera, motion controls, NFC, and its also a remote. Tablets lack buttons, and the games part of the Smartglass can already be done by Wii U plus the NFL game was already done on the 3DS so suck it Smartglass.

    PS. I don’t hate, I appreciate.

  26. Guys, guys, stop worrying. It’s only compatible with windows phones. Situation averted, we can all let out a sigh of relief.

        1. What permission? Anyone can make an app for Android and iOS devices. In fact, Microsoft has 19 published iPhone apps on the iTunes app store.

  27. How can you play xbox games without any buttons on it, in fact guarantee it’ll only be able to play app games. Control your xbox and connect to all windows devices……apple copy much. Stream movies and music….whoopdy do. how does it make wii U irrelevant. I swear the stupidity of western developers are beyond maximum. Not to mention I sat through the Xbox conference and I nearly died. It wasn’t even funny

  28. Hahaha sounds like a law lackluster defense to Microsoft’s lackluster E3 presentation. Why is it they spend 30 minutes on Halo 4, BO2, and RE6 but spend the other hour talking about Kinect? As for Smart Glass, it will be used about as much as E reader was on GBA. The thing is people would rather use a controller to surf the web than going to all the trouble of configuring the smartphone or tablet to work with Xbox. Plus, why would you do that anyway when you can surf the web WITH the tablet? Also, games may use it, but not many. It cannot be fully enforced if not everyone has one (Microsoft even knows this). Wii U can do everything Xbox announced plus so much more and will be integrated in all Wii U games in a mm gimmicky way

    1. *non gimmicky way since everyone who owns a Wii U will own the tablet controller. Anyone trying to say otherwise is just upset cause Microsoft had a mediocre E3 at best.

  29. Pro: It will be available on any tablet, smartphone, or a Windows PC. It doesn’t require the purchase of a new console. It will probably be cheap, if not a free download. The question is whether or not it will require a Live Subscription.

    Cons: it will suffer from add-on syndrome, meaning that developers can’t guarantee that the users will own it, so it probably won’t be as utilized as it should be.

    On the other hand, The Wii U will require a significant purchase price up front, but once purchased, developers can be assured that every console comes with the U-pad. What it comes down to is whether or not the Wii U will be seen as just the U-Pad and if gamers will find the XBox and Smart Glass to be good enough.

    My opinion is that the Wii U looks like it is worth the purchase. Unfortunately, I am not completely sure if it is more because I like Nintendo or because I hate my XBox (between all internet features requiring Live and all the damn ads).

  30. Actually, this is false, you only need the Wii U controller to play AND watch and do extra stuff in the controller’s screen, while with this you can only do half the thing the Wii U controller can and you need to use the Xbox controller while playing and then have an smartphone or a table besides you to look at the extra stuff, when the Wii U does ALL that & more with just one thing. Also the Miiverse or however you call it is watchable in smartphones and tablets when you are not at home but to play and watch data from the game you just need the Wii U controller, this is just Microsoft ripping off Nintendo quickly before Nintendo becomes too famous with their ideas just like it happened with motion controls. And yeah, yeah, yeah, Nintendo is now DOOMED! Blah! Blah! Blah! Just like the PSV DOOMED the 3DS.

  31. Um…no. The Wii U GamePad CONTRIBUTES and is ESSENTIAL to most gameplay. SmartGlass just adds unneccesary content and info. BIG difference.

    1. “The Wii U GamePad CONTRIBUTES and is ESSENTIAL to most gameplay.”
      We don’t know that yet. Remember, we hardly know anything about the WiiU’s games. This is just what we’re hoping.

      “SmartGlass just adds unneccesary content and info. ”
      Same as above.

  32. The GamePad was built FOR the Wii U and the Wii U was build around the GamePad. Smartglass is just a home entertainment gimmick. It won’t even come close to changing how we play games like the Wii U will.

  33. It was a decent conference. Just about what I would expect from a Microsft conference. Shoot shoot. Stab Stab. Got way too gimmicky at the end with Usher and the Kinect Angry Birds.

    I liked the idea of the smart glass but it will not compete with the Wii U because the Wii U controller can do all of that and it was specifically designed to play games. All those multimedia things mean nothing. In order to take full advantage of them you need to have so many different pieces of hardware. And the Wii U can probably do that voice command function too. It has a microphone.

    Oh, but expect the gaming media, Spike and G4 to be specific, to eat it up and disregard everything else. Looking forward to Sony’s presentstion now. Leave luck to heaven.

  34. Yeah, no. While I think it’s a good idea, much like the WiiU’ controller, I don’t think it’ll be as popular as Microsoft thinks. Windows 8 was met with mixed reviews and I personally don’t think it’ll take off. Not to mention this is an add-on, whereas the WiiU controller is essential to playing the device. Nintendo’s committed an entire console to this, whether it remains to be seen as gimmicky or not remains to be seen; Microsoft is banking on their’s which is a gimmick, to outsell what Nintendo’s been pushing at us since they announced the WiiU. The bid N’s got the media’s attention first and people have alreayd been able to try it out; Microsoft just comes off as a copycat, regardless of whether or not they did it better.

  35. Hey Microsoft… where’s Xbox 8? Oops… I forgot. They didn’t reveal it!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!

  36. That’s… cool…really….
    But there is just one probleme (actually two): NO BUTTONS AND NO ANALOGSTICKS!
    Therefore > NOT BETTER!

  37. Im pretty sure Microsoft made themselves irrelevant with that sad excuse of a E3 conference.
    Seriously though this is just a add on which will be used more for apps, dash and internet, not really for games. Plus for people without tablets and people who don’t plan on buying tablets it would probably go unnoticed.Sure most peole have smart phones but good luck doing anything constructive on that little screen. Final point wii U allows to play a whole game with solely the gamepad, smartglass won’t be the primary source of control you’d have to pick up the mobile device then put it down,pick up controller, put down controller, and pick up mobile device rinse wash repeat until you finally give up and just use the controller.

  38. Why can’t people just be excited about all new game innovations instead of picking a single console/device and trash talking the rest?

    Is it because you’re too poor to own all of them, so you have to talk shit about the consoles you couldn’t afford? Seems like it. A lot like it.

    I’m excited for both SmartGlass (I have a 360, smartphone, and tablet already) and Wii U. I dont understand the mono-console fanboys. Any of them, Nintendo or otherwise…

  39. Microsoft pulled off a cool concept and I think its awesome. Smart glass is a great answer to the inivation the wii u is offering. At the same time wii u’s controller is not an add-on or optional extra. Its the focus of the hardware. Its the core of the wii u expeirience. It was the same with wii. Motion control was the focus whereas kinect was add-on. Move was an add-on. Its optional, something to enhance games. They were never the focus of the machines. And that’s the difference. Wii u’s expeirience will be measured at how awesome the gamepad is. Smart glass will be a “nice-to-have” for the owners of the xbox. That is all.

  40. Well time to wait to wait for Sonys turn I mean we’ve been waiting a year and Microsoft disappointed (although I’m not to sure either about Sony…) Im pretty confident Nintendos presentation will be the best!

  41. This is retarded. The thing doesn’t have buttons!!! Nor does any tablet. This is like tablet gaming, on a TV screen. Can’t we already do this?

  42. When I heard it I laughed… But after I saw the conference, I believe the author who wrote this crap is a psychopath… This kind of glass is so… soo… I wonder who is going to use it..

    Phones are for calling people… pads.. well never interested for any… lol and this crappy technology is going to win wii U franchise, because u can migrate the screen and see information of a movie? give me a break.. send him a doctor…

    1. “Phones are for calling people”
      If that were the case smartphones would’ve died off years ago. There’s obviously a market for this sorta thing, whether you or I like it or not.

  43. Wii U has buttons, touchscreen, camera, motion controls, NFC, and its also a remote. Tablets lack buttons, and the games part of the Smartglass can already be done by Wii U plus the NFL game was already done on the 3DS so suck it Smartglass.

    PS. I don’t hate, I appreciate.

    1. not to mention the fact that nintendo still has a massive amount of first party franchises to use on the Wii U that no other system can legitimately access so the Wii U is still quite relevant to gamers since there’s a lot of innovation that is sure to come with nintendo.

      opinions don’t really matter though so let’s just allow stupid fanboys to think that smartglass will blow the Wii U out of the water and that it might as well not exist. as usual, the nintendo fans will keep having fun and reaping the benefits of the great games to come while the others waste their time trying to tell people it sucks or preaching nintendo doom. :D

    1. THIS.

      it seems that a lot of people miss that thought completely when thinking about something that a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE will supposedly be outdone by

  44. Non-specific action figure > Smart glass. I knew they wouldn’t take long to follow Nintendo’s lead, but man, M$ sure didn’t waste any time. Now it’s Sony’s time to “make the WiiU irrelevant”.

  45. I completely agree and just want to add two things that everyone here seems to be completely forgetting. First, developers for games (this is a game console. games are the number 1 priority) won’t make these features compulsory, because if they do then the majority of people in the world won’t be able to access them. Most people do not have tablets. However, with the Wii U ALL the people who’ve bought the console have access to the tablet, so developers will make compulsory features that will be necessary to the gameplay and will not just be gimmicks.
    Second, how are you supposed to play a game with your controller and use a tablet at the same time. The Wii U’s controller has a touchscreen and buttons and is the tablet, basically. This is not the case with Smartglass. Only in the case where you can play the game with the tablet as a controller would this actually work. But even then. No analog sticks or buttons??

  46. Windows 8 tablets will likely cost >= the Wii U and will only have touch screen controls and probably wont have NFC or the same degree of motion control capabilities. This makes them much less effective for use with a console and prevents them from making the Wii U “Irrelevant”

  47. Oh! Kind of like how the Kinect was gonna “kill the Wii” and yet I still don’t own or want one. In the end all that matters is the quality of the games and Nintendo owns the fucking patent for that.

    1. No one does yet, I guess by the time it’s released a fair number of people will. I assume that’s the logic behind doing that.

  48. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    Because a lot of people today only care about how powerful, convenient, and fast a system is or how great the graphics are. As far as I’m concerned, every new shooting game is the same with improved graphics and maybe a small twist to the story, if there is any. Nintendo may not have the best graphics or the best online play, but where they excel is where it matters most: the quality of the games. I recently got Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS, and it’s the best game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot of different games out there. Great story that keeps players interested, new playing style that can’t be mastered in seconds, and is guaranteed to last those who play it for a very long time.

    1. “how great the graphics are”
      A huge amount of Nintendo diehards started preaching this as soon it was revealed the WiiU was more powerful than the PS3/360. You guys really aren’t any different to Sony diehards or Microsoft diehards.

      1. but nintendo diehards know that it’s more about just graphics. nintendo has put out great quality software time and time again so it’s definitely expected for the Wii U. the fact that it’s HD is just a little extra gravy and you can’t judge people for liking it since great gameplay is basically a given at that point so it’s nothing the people haven’t seen before

        1. Two wrongs don’t make a right, friend.

          And honestly, I’ve never even seen these supposed “graphics > gameplay” Sony and Microsoft fanboys people on here rant on about. From what I can tell people play those consoles because they have domination over a couple genres the Wii doesn’t – FPS games, Fighting games, and Driving games. They have better online too, which for some people, is a HUGE reason to follow them (not for me, personally, but for many people and I respect that. Nintendo messed up big time with their lack of online support)

          1. That was in the past. Thanks in part to Electronic Arts in helping Nintendo create a better online interface, etc., online gaming will be better than their aging console. The future is coming soon. Nintendo Network on the Wii U.

          2. No I agree. I wasn’t one of the people going on about the PS3/360 having inferior graphics to the Wii-U as that should be expected. What I’m bringing up is that they didn’t say that graphics are superior to game-play BUT the Wii sucks BECAUSE of it’s poor graphics, and some have said that.

      2. The Nintendo fans are just excited to see their favourite Nintendo franchises in HD for the first time. All true Nintendo fans know that gameplay trumps graphics everytime. Scratch that, all real gamers know gameplay trumps graphics everytime.

  49. (Wii U comes out) Microsoft fanboys: THIS IZ SO GAY IT SUCKS BAWS!!!!
    (Xbox SmartGlass comes out) Microsoft fanboys: THIS IZ DA BEST THING IN TEH WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I responded early based only on the information, but I just watched the presentation and this is THE RIPOFF people figured Microsoft would slump to. I know it’s not going to work nearly as well as the Wii U tablet (apps just aren’t a replacement for actual controllers) but idiots who are already against Nintendo will never try Wii U but say Xbox offers more.
    Hey people, Xbox offers nothing- I have a 360 and I’m done when Wii U comes out. I imagine Smart Glass will work for Halo (only for Waypoint and messages) and the sports games, but it’s not actually going to get that much support.

  51. why smart glass can’t even touch wii U:
    1. No physical controlls on tablets/smartphones. It doesn’t matter how good the gameplay is, and how fancy the graphics are, if you can’t controll the game for sh!t then it won’t be good for anything except calling plays in a football game.
    2. There won’t be as much support for it. Developers can make wii U games and know for a fact that wii U owners will have the tablet controller. Can developers say that every XBox owner has a compatible tablet to use?
    3. Connection probably won’t be as good. The wii U and its controller were designed for fast streaming of content from console to controller. It’s so good you can even stream all the gameplay to the controller with (as we are told) absolutely no latency. Underperforming tablets would probably have trouble doing a task they were not designed to do, and even the most powerful ones I’d bet you won’t be able to have the gameplay streamed to it. And besides, even if you could reason 1 /\ would still be a limiting factor.
    Wii U mad bro?

    1. hi there yeah lag free gaming hard core gamers like lag free gamming go wii u and wii u game pad finnaly lag free gamming

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  53. I thought the smart Glass idea was neat. But I just don’t see how it can make lag-free streaming of your game seem “irrelevant “.

    1. hi there heres how smart glass is lag free gaming it uses streaming clouded storage tablets and phones useing flash storage non hard drive hard drives have very slow lag time long load times and reduced fps thats why hard core gamers want lighting fast 8 gb flash storage over a slow 5,400 hard drive with long load time long lag tie

  54. tl;dr but Aeolus is clearly a massive asshole, butthurt by the face that Microsoft have bareface ripped off the Wii U gamepad and trying to justify it by pointing out the one minor advantage.

  55. Also again, tl;dr but Aeolus’ argument that people without a phone must be “seriously deprived” is bs, just because you don’t own an overly expensive phone with Android functionality and fancy features galore doesn’t mean you therefore live in poverty. My friend is far more wealthy than me, and yet I have a £250 Android Samsung Galaxy phone, and he has a Nokia from about 8 years ago.

  56. “I wonder what the retort will be if somebody actually adds physical controls to tablets.

    Right nothing…please spout more beaten to death arguments for a device that doesn’t even remotely compare to a nearly full blown computer device.”

    So after being beaten the fuck down by ghost face Killa earlier in the thread, he has now resorted to using hypothetical situations to base his arguments on? This guy is impressive. For a total dunce, that is.

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