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Nikkei: Nintendo Planning Larger 3DS, Wii U Price Expected At 30,000 Yen

Reliable Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo is planning to announce a larger Nintendo 3DS at E3. The revised console will have a 4.3 inch screen, or 1.5 times the current size. The North American and European release could be as soon as the next couple of months. The publication also states that Nintendo will be retailing Wii U for around 30,000 yen. Expect to hear more at Nintendo’s E3 press conference which takes place tomorrow at 9pm PST

78 thoughts on “Nikkei: Nintendo Planning Larger 3DS, Wii U Price Expected At 30,000 Yen”

        1. NON-SPECIFIC ACTION FIGURE :’D… Thats actually so sad how that is going to be a new trend -.-

      1. A new larger Nintendo 3DS… THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
        And I’ve checked, turning 30.000,00 Yen to US$ is 382,8973… More than 380 US$, is barely acceptable to me.

        1. Yeah they’ll round it to an even number for US dollars. So if they are willing to take a hit in profit, expect $350. However companies like money and nintendo is no exception so you may want to expect $400. Now if the wii u pro controller is standard and not the tablet for some odd reason, expect a $300 price tag.

    1. I kinda hope that they do. I’m not a handheld gamer and haven’t played on a handheld since PSP first came out but man, I am dying to play the new Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest & Monster Hunter games, plus so many more interesting titles that are on the way. My only issue regarding the 3DS in it’s current state (after play-testing at a store) is the small screen, so if Nintendo were to remedy that for me then I would definitely buy one… otherwise, well… I’d most likely just pass and stick to only consoles and PC for the meantime, but damn I really want them games.

  1. Next couple of months for release is really ambitious and highly unlikely, I’m almost sure enough to say impossible

        1. No they aren’t… some people believe anything, with the current volumes the 3DS is selling at (and its a LOT) the certainly are making a decent profit.

          1. They said last year when the price was brought down that it was selling at a loss! The amount of units sold doesn’t mean they are making a profit. If more systems are sold more have to be made resulting in a loss. They may have a little profit for some time but eventually they will spend it on more materials!

                1. If this is true then that is awesome news.

                  I had it in my mind that it would be around August this year before they no longer sold at a loss. Not sure where I heard that from though.

  2. I hope not. It was just last year they created it. And if I recall Nintendo CLEARLY stated they wouldn’t announce a revised version for some time.

      1. There aren’t that many games that can use the Circle Pad Pro. Until then, it makes no sense to make a 3DS with an second circle pad, except to piss off those who just bought the 3DS.

  3. I will be pissed if they release a new 3DS already. The original model isn’t that old, and they’ll just be kicking the people who got it in the balls.

    1. It’s been over a year. The DS lite was released a year and a half after the originals launch.

      1. 3ds is 2 years old since they show it on E3 2010. So yeah we need new 1. Mine is more than 1 year old now I need new 1.

    2. If they feel an improvement is needed then thats no problem.. if you have a problem because you bought one and are broke ass shitless then dont buy the new one

        1. Well, let’s use common sense here.

          The 3DS is priced at around 15,000 yen (correct me if I’m wrong) and the U.S price is around $160. So if you double both, you get 30,000 yen with $320. Now, it’s obviously not exact, but it sounds about right. :D

          1. That makes a lot of sense. It’s just that i get the feeling Nintendo is going for a $300 to $350 price range. Anything higher, and people as poor as I am can only dream of owning one. At least for a long time. Besides, they said they learned a thing or two from 3DS sales. I hope Nintendo surprises us tomorrow…

  4. What about the Ambassadors (like me!) who put out for the original model? This is a worse punch in the gut than the price cut, if true :(

    1. I think it’s just like the DSi XL. It’s just a bigger model, they never mention a second circle pad or anything. You’re gonna be fine :)

    2. The 3DS System Transfer also transfer the Ambassador Status, I transfered all my games from my old Cosmo Black 3DS because it broke.

  5. i’m still not buying an updated 3ds this year because of the wii u. it doesn’t make much sense.

  6. If the 3DSXL has two nubs and the extra shoulder buttons, I’m down. Otherwise I can live with my normal 3DS.

  7. LARGER? Is that right? Shouldn’t that be the other way around? I don’t want a bigger screen. I like the screen size now, less intensive on the eyes.

    386 US huh? So 300 at launch price? Dunno how I feel about that. I’m hoping for 250- 290 price range. I would like to get some games too!

  8. I don’t need a “just bigger” 3DS. Heck, I don’t need a second built-in Circle Pad, either, since we already know that no 3DS games will actually require it. There’d have to be some really big and special upgrade to the hardware for me to consider upgrading to a new 3DS model. I’m talking like suddenly having twice the processing power, or something like that.

  9. Nintendo really needs to decide what it wants with their handhelds. Small, medium, or large. The original DS was pretty big, then they went smaller, then they went bigger. And then the 3DS was smaller. And now bigger? Just decide already. If they’re looking at the prototype and think, “This could be bigger.” Then it should be made bigger to begin with. Don’t release something that needs improvement. The countless redesigns aren’t fair. You’re taking advantage of loyal costumers.

    Of course, if Nintendo gave us eShop accounts that let us download our purchases without the need for the other system, this wouldn’t bother me. Then I could take my 3DS to Gamestop and simply trade up, just paying the difference. But I can’t do that without losing everything.

  10. People need to STFU tbh. 3DS is 2 years old now. Its shitty and need to be redesigned. Only poor people will whine about it lol.

          1. No, Gay. 3DS is ONE year old. You start counting when the console is available.
            Or else, I’m 35 cause my parents started thinking about having me long before I was born. 3DS is one year old and you are gay.

  11. Pricing? Reasonable, £250 is fine. Redesign? No way, not with their whole profitability thing. Plus, the larger the screen, the narrower the sweetspot.

  12. It is highly unlikely that Nintendo will release a new 3DS so soon. After they had that slow start, they have finally picked up the pace and they are right where they want to be. I also think it will piss off a lot of people to do that. What they need to do is focus completely on the Wii U. Make sure they don’t have the same slow start they did with the 3DS.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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    “About time they unveil a new Nintendo 3DS. Anyone who knows Nintendo’s track record knows they redesign most of their handhelds within 1-2 years of it releasing. Looking forward to it!

  14. I’ve got my hand down thinking the Wii U will go to market with a slick $349.99 price tag. Can almost guarantee it!

  15. I really hope this is true. Two analogs would be great and GOD DAMMIT I hate how thin and fragile the 3DS is! I have broken so many L/R buttons just by pressing them. STOP SHRINKING THE SHOULDER BUTTONS, NINTENDO!

  16. Nintendo said they would not announce the price of the Wii U at E3 which makes me think this whole post is bogus!

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