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Cruis’n creator thinking about original arcade trilogy for Switch

The Cruis’n’ series of games were staples in the arcades in the late 90s and the series creator is thinking of bringing Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, and Cruis’n Exotica to the Nintendo Switch as full HD ports. Cruis’n creator Eugene Jarvis has said in a recent interview about the series future that he is considering bringing the original trilogy to the Nintendo Switch in 1080p and running at 60hz. The latest game in the series, Cruis’n Blast is scheduled to be released on 14th September.

“There’s an old saying that in this forever disposable world, a game coder is only as good as your last line of code (or in the case of an artist, your last pixel!)! So who knows what might happen. One idea would be to do a Switch retro-cade type thing and bring back the classic Cruis’n arcade trilogy – at full HD arcade resolution and 60Hz frame rates on the Switch. 30+ tracks! All 3 theme songs!!!!! “Cruis’n, Cruis’n the World, Yeah Yeah!”. “Cruis’n Exotica – can you dig it?”. I can’t wait…”

Crusin’ creator Eugene Jarvis


6 thoughts on “Cruis’n creator thinking about original arcade trilogy for Switch”

  1. I’d be down with picking up both Crusin Blast and Crusin USA. Get the new arcade game and the classic on the N64 that started it all! I wish more arcade style racers were available on PC and console platforms.

  2. This is exactly what I was hoping for ever since I heard that Cruis ‘n Blast was coming to the Switch. It’s so cool that the creator is considering doing it. It’s not often that the creator of a game actually wants the same thing that I do. I never got the chance to play Cruis’n World or Cruis’n Exotica on the N64 (though I do own them), so it will be awesome to be able to play them for the first time with amazing graphics and sound. BRING IT ON!!

  3. SICKR, do you know if there is any mention of them considering online as well? To have this be a port with local multiplayer is nice, but there are many family members across the country who will have this. It would be great to have online multiplayer, and it would surely boost their sales.

  4. I really hope the implication is it would be the ARCADE versions that would get a trilogy on the Switch, though the N64 versions would be fine as a bonus.

    1. I’m presuming that being remastered means that they’ll be even better than the arcades. It’s not hard to be better than arcades nowadays. Except for the fact that the arcades had a seat you could sit down in and a wheel with gas/brake pedals. But that doesn’t count.

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