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Grasshopper Manufacture now has 5 new games in production and 3 are new IPs

Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio headed by acclaimed video game designer SUDA51, currently have five new video games in production and three of those will be new IPs. The news was announced by SUDA51 in a No More Heroes 3 launch livestream. He also said that they want to focus on their own IPs as they do not own the franchise rights to their high profile games such as Killer7, No More Heroes, etc. SUDA51 also said in the same stream that the No More Heroes franchise was given to them by Marvelous for 5 years. Those five years are now up and the rights for the IP has now been returned to Marvelous.



  1. This actually makes sense why this is probably going to be Travis’s last game. Sad to see this series go, but I am super interested what Suda51 has next in store

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