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Europe Nintendo Switch officially gets a slight price reduction

Nintendo Switch console retail

Update: Nintendo of Europe has provided a statement regarding the price reduction.

The incredibly popular Nintendo Switch system has had a slight price reduction in Europe. The hybrid system is currently facing healthy competition from the newer Xbox Series S|X consoles and Sony’s PlayStation 5. Nintendo is releasing the higher-end Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) on 8th October to help continue to ignite sales and have decided to reduce the price of the original Switch console which has remained the same price since it launched back in March 2017. In the United Kingdom the Nintendo Switch is retailing for £260 compared to the £280 original asking price. The Switch Lite isn’t being reduced. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will still retail for £310.

Source: UK & European retailers

8 thoughts on “Europe Nintendo Switch officially gets a slight price reduction”

  1. Nintendo really are a miserably tight company. A £20 discount after over 4 years? “Ambassador, you are really spoiling us.”

  2. This is only the UK price, not the European price.

    The Europeans got a price cut of 60 euros (around 50 pounds). Brexit import fees perhaps?

    1. that’d do it, Brexit has been kicking our collective arses in a lot of ways recently, wouldn’t be surprised if that meant they couldn’t lower the price further

        1. What does this mean exactly? Nintendo isn’t allowed to set the pricing anywhere in the free world. That isn’t how it works. They can set a suggested retail price, and retailers generally do sell it at that price, but there’s nothing binding them to do so.

          Further still, how is this a response to talking about government enforced import fees?

  3. What the fuck are they talking about?! The prices are still the same as the original launch price, which was $300 or 300 euros. £260 is ALMOST EXACTLY 300 euros so it’s still the same old price that I paid when I got my Switch at launch. Maybe they were selling it for more through their own store and adjusted their store price to what everyone else is asking for a regular Switch. But that’s not really newsworthy. And it’s definitely not a price cut/reduction as the all the prices in all the stores I checked remain the same (roughly 300 euros).

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