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Konami is holding a contest that asks indie devs to make games based on some classic Konami IPs

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If you’re an indie developer, then there’s an interesting opportunity that has recently become available to you. A few days ago, Konami, in cooperation with Shueisha Game Creators Camp, both announced that they are holding a contest, where indie developers can make games based on some of Konami’s classic IPs. These are mainly Konami’s cult-favorite and lesser-known IPs, such as Ganbare Goemon, Gradius, Star Soldier, Twinbee, Knightmare and many more.

The game can be an action game or shooter game, and it can be a remake or sequel. Developers can also focus on a single character or mechanic from a previous game, and they can even change or combine genres that the originals didn’t have. According to Konami, they and the indie developers would collaborate to make these commercial products.

The contest will run until January 6th, 2022. The grand prize is $18,000, as well as Konami’s offer to publish commercialized works. The company will even provide $270,000 USD in development funds for these projects. And, according to IGN, Konami will even provide “supervision, production advice and support regarding localization, promotion and development equipment”.


7 thoughts on “Konami is holding a contest that asks indie devs to make games based on some classic Konami IPs”

    1. Because Konami is a little lacking in the common sense department lol. It’s been that way for quite some time now.

      1. As much as a company should be making their games themselves, at least they are letting fans make official games. That’s better than nothing happening with their series at all

    2. They basically fired almost all the game devs. It’s why most of their games these days aren’t made in house.

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