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Switch Online + Expansion Pack is now available, Switch firmware updated to version 13.1.0

Nintendo Switch online + expansion pass

After a month or so since it has been announced, it is finally here. Nintendo has just released the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Remember that it costs $49.99 to purchase a year of it, an increase from the $19.99 you currently pay for a year of the regular Nintendo Switch Online package.

If you do get Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, you will gain acess to 2 new retro gaming libraries. The Expansion Pack will contain libaries for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive and the Nintendo 64. As of tonight’s launch of the Expansion Pass, you’re able to play 9 Nintendo 64 games and 14 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games.

One of the things that Nintendo also did for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack launch is the release of a brand new update to the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware. The only thing the patch notes mention are the usual “system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”, as well as the addition of support for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.


12 thoughts on “Switch Online + Expansion Pack is now available, Switch firmware updated to version 13.1.0”

      1. Seriously, I can’t even upgrade for the remainder of the year I’ve already paid for. I have to buy another full year at only a $10 discount. I’m not even sure if I come out ahead if the 12 months immediately replaces my remaining time.

        1. The discount you get is personal to you based on the remaining time you have left (sounds like you have about 6 months left). The 12 months does immediately replace your remaining time, it will work out so that you neither come out ahead or behind.

          1. So if I change to the expansion in November, my subscription will renew in November instead of my current month? If so, fuck. I can’t get the expansion til February. I don’t want an annual payment of almost 100 bucks taken out during this part of the year. Halloween & Christmas, y’kno.

  1. I got my hands on it and I have to say that the emulation is really good for both systems, and the fact the Rumble is active when you’re playing supported games on the N64 is really cool, but I feel like they were designed for the N64 controller in mind, so I might just see about saving up and getting the N64 Controller Nintendo released.

  2. Gonna give it a miss. I’m not paying for an n64 controller and the joy cons are clearly going to be a nightmare to use with their appalling analogues. I hear the emulation is pretty awful too, and the online is so bad it’s not worth bothering with.

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