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Yuji Naka says he initially felt “both sad and happy” about Sonic being on non SEGA hardware

sonic adventure art 1999

Sonic lead creator Yuji Naka has responded to a newly published SEGA Forever tweet about Sonic making his debut on the Nintendo GameCube 20 years ago this month by saying that at the time he had mixed feelings about the iconic creation being on video gaming hardware that wasn’t designed by SEGA. While the SEGA Dreamcast was a great console, SEGA Enterprises chairman, Isao Okawa told press in 1999 that “the future doesn’t necessarily lie in the hardware business. I think in the future there is the possibility of Sega becoming a software-only company… “Even if Dreamcast does sell, we will make that shift.” The company decided to go third party in 2001.

8 thoughts on “Yuji Naka says he initially felt “both sad and happy” about Sonic being on non SEGA hardware”

  1. 30 years ago on June 23rd 1991 Sonic The Hedgehog released on SEGA genesis, i guess this month is the 20th anniversary for Sonic and Gamecube. How does Sonic get a hold of Nintendo, he gives them a “ring”

  2. Well not trying to be rude to the creator himself, but Sonic The Hedgehog did really well on Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation systems for 2 decades now. Sonic has made it this far for generations.

    1. Yep. I wish Nintendo had the Sonic IP.
      Sega/Sonic Team really can’t nail down consistent, high quality releases.
      I do hope the new game is good. But I have very little faith in Sonic Team to deliver.

  3. Repeat with me: Yuji Naka did not create Sonic.

    It’s truly astounding to me that people like Naka or Keiji Inafune can walk in on already well-defined projects and somehow establish themselves as the end-all be-all of the whole franchise while the original creators are just forgotten.

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