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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will have an entirely new route

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Nintendo has announced on their official website that the newly unveiled Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will feature a completely new route, which will be unrelated to the ones found in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, on which is the game the new warriors title is obviously based on. In other Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes news, Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that the game will receive a special Limited Edition version which comes with a special artbook, a tapestry map of Fódlan, a set of five acrylic figurines plus a character poster set. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes launches on Switch, 24th June.


6 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will have an entirely new route”

  1. True Peace Route CONFIRMED! It’s Happy Ending time, baby!

    I know that may seem cringe, but I honestly wanted a True Route in Three Houses so everyone (even certain characters I don’t like) could have a happy ending.

    Why? Because living in Fodlan is suffering, and everyone deserves some happiness.

    1. Agreed, except for Hubert. F*** Hubert, I hate him. My first playthrough I picked Black Egrets and just immediately disliked him (it didn’t help that he basically threatens to kill you right off the bat); I decided that in the other routes when you fight students in other houses and get the option to spare or kill, I am always killing Hubert.

  2. Yeah, people wanted a unified route, though I can’t imagine how that would play out — there’s just no way Edelgard would be convinced to coexist with the Church.

    1. Claude makes it clear he’s no chuch loyalist, and Dimitri is open to compromise on his route, so I don’t see any insurmountable barriers to some kind of arrangement between the four powers in Fodlan. It’ll be interesting to see how Koei Tecmo handles it, though I’m not into mousou games and will probably just read a plot synopsis of this one.

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