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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes coming to Switch on 24th June 2022

fire emblem warriors three hopes logo

The first Nintendo Direct presentation of 2022 has finally kicked off, starting off the show with the announcement of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a sequel to Fire Emblem Warriors. The game will be launching on 24th June 2022, you can check out the official reveal trailer below.

9 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes coming to Switch on 24th June 2022”

  1. Ah, I see they’re going the “Age of Calamity” route and just focusing on a single FE game rather than doing a series-wide crossover.
    It looks great honestly, I’m one of the seemingly few people who liked the first FE Warriors game. So glad they decided to make a sequel.

  2. Fire Emblem honestly should have been the first Nintendo franchise to get a Musou game. You could easily remake each Fire Emblem game into a Musou game without changing much of the story. (Only the gameplay would change.) Plus the fact the games are set in actual wars also lends itself well to Musou games.

    Imagine having 10 (or more) characters you could switch between on the battlefield. And if they get KO’d or killed on the battlefield, they are permanently gone for the rest of the game. Unless they have plot armor, then they’d simply just no longer be playable. Like Ninian & Nils. (Or you get a game over.)

    Then at a later point, Nintendo could do something similar to Pokemon where each new Fire Emblem game comes out with two versions: traditional Fire Emblem & musou Fire Emblem. Sure there is the risk people would buy one version over the other but it doesn’t stop the main Pokemon game versions from selling well. Plus, it’d be interesting to see which version of Fire Emblem would get the most buyers or if people would actually go out of their way to buy both versions.

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