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Apex Legends Season 13 kicks off 10th May and adds new legend Newcastle

apex legends: saviors

Repawn and EA are gearing up for the new season in Apex Legends titled Apex Legends: Saviors which sees the heroes enter a huge beached kaiju on the Storm Point map. Season 13 also sees a dormant security protocol breached which in turn activates three Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation Armouries. If you enter these armouries you will be tasked with executing a 60-second fight against waves of Spectre robots awakened to the infiltrators. The doors stay locked while you do the PvE event so other players can’t try and take you down. The new Legend in Apex Legends Season 13 is Newcastle who has some new defensive abilities and is actually Jackson Williams who mentioned a lot in Apex lore. You can watch a gameplay trailer for the new season which begins on 10th May. Apex Legends is free-to-play and available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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