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Apex Legends and FIFA 22 led to EA’s biggest-ever quarter

apex season 12

EA has cause to celebrate today as the long-running publisher and developer announced that both Apex Legends and FIFA 22 led to the company having its biggest quarter ever for net bookings, underlying profitability, and cash generation. FIFA always performs well sales-wise on the Nintendo Switch system, and FIFA 22 Legacy Edition was one of the most popular games on the system last year. Apex Legends is also available on the Switch system with which is competes against Epic Games, Fortnite.

“EA said it had the strongest FIFA launch ever, with unit sales up by double digits year over year. FIFA 22 was the best-selling game in the West in the 2021 calendar year, the company claimed.”

“As for Apex Legends, by the end of the quarter, monthly active players were up by over 30% year over year. EA touted “exceptional growth” of the battle royale in its earnings deck. More than 28 million players have joined Apex Legends over the last year, and it’s expected to reach $1 billion in net bookings this fiscal year.”



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