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GilvaSunner has had another 2,200 take downs from Nintendo and after 11 years is deleting YouTube channel

GilvaSunner, the go to YouTuber to listen to high quality classic Nintendo video game soundtracks (which aren’t monetised) said on Twitter yesterday that Nintendo has pulled another 2,200 videos from his soundtrack-based YouTube channel. He is now looking to delete his YouTube channel on Friday which he has happily ran for 11 years. His thoughts are that it isn’t worth uploading the soundtracks for the fans just for them to be taken down. GilvaSunner made the news on a range of gaming sites on Sunday as he revealed that Nintendo took down 1,300 of his uploads. Nintendo’s classic soundtracks are not available on popular music streaming platforms such Spotify and Apple Music.

19 thoughts on “GilvaSunner has had another 2,200 take downs from Nintendo and after 11 years is deleting YouTube channel”

  1. From a legal perspective, they’re within their right to do this, but from literally any other perspective, this is just awful. Bad publicity, lower chances for exposure to their games, and general disappointment from fans. Not to mention, this doesn’t even help their bottom line since they almost always don’t sell their game’s music anywhere (and even when they do, it’s with limited release Japan-only albums).

    GilvaSunner had many of the best video game songs in the best quality on YouTube, and I’m so sad that the channel and its history will be wiped from existence.

    1. Well there is possibility that may be the case that we wouldn’t know about that would make this a wiser call. If Nintendo actually is planning on releasing on Spotify or releasing a series of soundtracks internationally, that would be a pretty justifiable basis for the crackdown.

      But then, that’s an “if”, and we may never know. Could be any amount of talk amongst executives about such plans and they initiate a crackdown while they’re simply mulling it over. If any such plan ultimately never materialized, we’ll never hear that it existed in the first place.

    2. “lower chances of exposure to their games” I’m pretty sure about a gajillion more people know Nintendo over GilvaSunner…who I’ve never heard of. In the end, I fully understand why Nintendo does this. If you let a few do it, pretty soon everyone’s doing it. Nintendo is in the right to police their own IP’s and others should stop trying to profit off them without Nintendo’s permission.

    1. Because GilvaSunner has had a huge impact on gaming fanbases (primarily Nintendo) via high quality rips of video game music. People have loved this channel for over a decade because Nintendo refuses to make their music library easily accessible to everyone, and it’s a shock to see it go

  2. The thing is; If Nintendo actually released the music I would understand them taking these measures but they just do not.
    Sure we can say they are legally in the right but you’re destroying something that poses zero threat. This just comes off as that spoiled brat that refuses to share just because it’s their property.

    1. I suppose it’s possible that this signifies that Nintendo will make their own service/Spotify for their music much like when they shut down fan games, but I’m not gonna hold my breath for that outcome

  3. Dang.. This was THE go to channel for nintendo music, since Nintendo doesn’t like posting their music on a platform or selling it in a consumable way.

  4. Feels like the end of an era. Well, Its been really fun seeing that guy channel for a while but now everything has been taking away from him even so he wasn’t monetizing off Nintendo IP soundtracks. Not trying to defend Nintendo or anything. Its just like I said. Nintendo always means business about these type of policies of their copyright soundtracks. So I really don’t think Nintendo is really gonna add there songs anywhere on soundtrack websites. Even SoundCloud.

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